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Things Your Wedding Photographer Wishes You Knew (But Didn’t)

Wedding photographers often spend a lot of time to develop their skills and techniques to make a difference in the industry, and they do tend to take it seriously and operate differently from what you’d expect. Here are a few more things that they wish you knew: 1. Your photographer isn’t your planner Photographers are […]

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips for Plus-Size Brides

Wedding dress shopping can be a very daunting, but exciting experience, for most brides. But if you’re a plus-size bride-to-be in a sea of size-eight gowns, finding your dream wedding dress may seem downright impossible. Still, shopping for that perfect dress should never be an unpleasant experience and you should also never force yourself to […]

Tips on Choosing the Best Engagement Ring

Rings symbolize love, affection, loyalty, trust and dedication to a person you truly love. Rings are also important to a person especially if it is given by the person who really loves you. As always, boys are the one who’s giving the ring. But in rare times, girls may give a boy a special ring. […]

The 4 Major Don’ts of Picking a Wedding Dress

The wedding dress is labeled as “the dress of all dresses,” and the one that would live on forever in wedding photos and videos for the years to come. Therefore, aside from knowing all the “How-Tos” and following all the “Bridal Tips” we read in magazines and in the Internet, it pays a lot to […]

Why Hire a Professional Wedding Emcee?

A good wedding emcee is the key to a successful and memorable wedding. He’s more than just a funny guy with a microphone. A professional emcee has the ability to put together all the elements of the wedding to ensure everything runs smoothly as planned. The emcee helps keeping every segment in the program take […]

Wedding Live Band for Hire

You are like a talent scout when you hire a Singapore wedding live band. Without a doubt, you will be impressed by lots of talented live bands out there. When the bands promote themselves and their music, they will try to put their best foot forward in order to attract you. On Performing Live before […]