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Different Types of Natural Light in Photography

Much like painting, light plays a huge part in a great photo – and it’s not just because it’s the sole reason why photography is even possible. Light can balance, provide contrast, and even add or change the atmosphere of the subject you’re using for your photo. But what exactly is natural light? Natural light […]

Photography Trends Every Aspiring Photographer Needs to Try Today

As the award-winning photographer and globetrotter Chase Jarvis once said, the best camera in the world is the one that you possess. It is inevitable to get caught up in a competition as to who has the best equipment when it comes to photography, especially when factors like advanced specifications and megapixels come to play […]

5 Ways to Take Level Up Your Photography Game Using Fisheye Lens

When it comes to camera lenses, owning a fisheye lens is considered one of the cheapest yet most creative choices. It’s no surprise to know much these lenses can cost, but using fisheye is remarkably accessible even to photographers who are merely starting out in the field. First, the history. Prior to its creative contribution […]