Things You Should Not Do in the Gym

So, you’ve finally decided to get a work out at ActiveSG (or in any gym for this matter) and you go there pretty confident that you’re going to get some good exercise. But just like in any other place, there is very much a thing called gym etiquette. And whether it’s an unspoken rule or an established one, its best for you to know the things you should do and should never do in the gym.

Not cleaning up
Clean your place up after you’re done with your workout. Obviously, you will get pretty sweaty once you’re done. Cleaning the drops of sweat you left on the seat of a machine not only leaves the place sanitary, but you will also show consideration and respect for the next users. Also, put the weights back on the rack. It will be very annoying for others to maneuver over dumbbells lying all around the floor.

Giving unsolicited advice
Unless the other person is putting others or himself in a risk of injury, it’s better not to say anything. Of course, giving advice is a good thing and by all means do it if someone asks. But only do so if you really have thorough knowledge on what they’re asking about. You might teach them wrong and lead them to an injury.

Not having a plan
Having a trainer even on your very first days can benefit you a lot. But if you find yourself not hiring one, it’s good to do some research before going to the gym. Look exercises up in the internet, whether for losing weight, building muscle, strength training, and etc. depending on what your goal is. You don’t want to hit the gym walking around doing random exercises and not having any plan in mind beforehand.

Sticking to one routine
It’s good to stick to one routine when you’re a beginner to really get a feel for the fundamentals of the weights and the machines. But, you should stop doing that routine if you become used to it already. For one, your muscles will hit a plateau, meaning they won’t grow because they’re already prepared for what’s coming. If you really want to get bigger muscles, you’ll have to “shock the muscle,” as Arnold Schwarzenegger used to say. And you can only do that if you switch up your exercises.

Using your phone inappropriately
You never want to answer a call on the gym floor. Someone talking loud on their phones can be very distracting to those who are exercising. Plus, when you keep texting between sets, it gives the impression that you’re not serious about your workout. Another VERY important thing, don’t text when you’re walking around the gym. You could run into machines, weights on the floor, you might even throw off someone’s groove when their lifting.