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5 Crucial Facts You Need to Know About Bread

As much as bread is a staple in many diets all over the world, it’s an easy way to gain weight when you’re stressed or tired. With the wrong kind of bread, you increase the risk of all kinds of conditions, such as weight gain and dental caries. But the good news is you can […]

4 Foods to Eat to Get Enough Vitamins You Need in Your 30s

While you should always take good care of your health, make it a top priority when you’re already in your 30s. Your poor diet in your 20s could already be taking a toll and gone are the days when you can survive with junk food for lunch while still feeling great. Now that you’ve become […]

How Junk Food Affects the Brain  

  When we are watching movies, the ideal food is chips and fries. Somehow movies will not be the same if we eat real fruits like fruits and vegetables, right? No matter how tasty chips and fries are, we have to be aware that they belong to the other food bracket which does not serve […]

Reasons Why Junk Food is Bad for You

Pizzas, burgers, French fries, wraps, doughnuts, etc. have infiltrated Singapore. These food items are delicious in their own right but they have this destructive power. The Ministry of Health is encouraging all Singaporeans especially kids to abandon junk foods. In fact, schools here ban junk foods. Schools are now offering healthy food choices for students. […]