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No Sign of Wage Increase

As of the latest record, Singapore is the top expensive country to live. As a matter of fact, people here are comfortably living since some of their things are provided by the government and one of that is housing. In the nation, housing is free for the masses. In reality, these homes have greater value […]

Joining Hands to Help Others

Helping should be practiced by all people no matter the status and the race. All people should come together to help improve the lives of each other. This is the thinking of seventeen food outlets and retail stores in Rivervale Plaza. The food outlets and retail stores are joining their hands to help households with […]

What You Need to Know About the PCSEA

The President’s Challenge Social Enterprise Award (PCSEA) winner has been decided. 2013 PCSEA Start-Up of the Year goes to Bettr Barista. The institution helped improve the lives of women and other troubled people. PCSEA gives recognition to institutions for their exemplary contributions to the society. The award was instigated in March of 2012 and its […]