Should Change Be Embraced?

In the highly modernized world that we are currently living in, change takes place in our everyday lives, from economic and technological progresses to more subjective matters like changes in people. It is inevitably constant – some form of change must be a precursor to inspirations, developments, thoughts and advancements.  Change can be defined as an alteration or mutation, while embracing it refers to the idea of accepting willingly. To a large extent, change should not be resisted; however, it should not always be embraced.
It is a proven fact that the primary reason why people resist change is due to fear, but that is not an accurate indication that all changes have adverse impacts. It is an innate instinct for people to resist change – to many, it is safer and much more comfortable to remain in one’s status quo, because the fear stemmed from change may be too crippling and scary. However, a known fact is that without change, there would not be progress. Technological advancements, inventions and new creations are what entail change. It is this constant alteration – and not the fear which causes one to remain stagnant due to uncertainties – that brings forth a more modernized world. Change, in this aspect, should definitely be embraced and not feared, because this is the signifier of a better society and a better environment that would be beneficial to the people that live in it. One may argue that it is a tedious task trying to embrace change, when it is an unexpected one. However, when change chances upon us unpredictably, we should all the more embrace it because change is irreversible – it is not possible to turn back time and undo what has been done.

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