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5 Ways to Brighten Your Dull Skin

When confronted with dry and dull skin, conventional wisdom recommends scrubbing yourself shiny. However, abrading your face only dries your skin further and irritates your already-sensitive follicles, leading to breakouts and dermatitis. Fortunately, there are some easy and simple tricks that you can do to get your skin’s youthful glow back with no exfoliation required. […]

Benefits of Using Sunscreen

  Do you skip using sunscreen whenever you go out? Do you hate the sticky, greasy feeling it leaves on your skin? Sunscreen is not just for those who want to achieve fair, even skin tone. It’s not only for sunbathing and avoiding bikini lines from showing up. It is vital that you take care […]

Words to Watch Out For When Buying Skin Care Products

  Every time you apply skin care products, remember that the skin is not a barrier that protects you from those chemicals. The skin is a sponge. That means whatever you apply, whether it is safe or not, the skin will absorb and who knows what will happen overtime. According to a study made by […]

Pre-Menstrual Breakouts: Why You Get Them and How to Treat Them

    Most of us have experienced them, but only a few talks about them. Can we really control pre-menstrual breakouts? How do you know if yours is just a runoff-the-mill breakout or one that’s reated to your cycle? Questions like these are very common, and for any lady who wants to keep her skin […]

Going out? Try these Beauty Makeovers  

  We have to strive to strike a balance between our work and personal lives. It is not purely work here in Singapore because if it is, where is the fun?  We do not want to be stuck in our house and feel sorry about ourselves so we need to allot time for extracurricular activities […]

That Perfect Arch: A Guide on Defining Your Brows

  For Singaporeans who are particular about eyebrows, this is the time to define it perfectly. We have to remember though that each face shape requires a specific brow shape. It is only a matter of determining the right one. When dealing with brows, we need to stay with what is natural. The brows affect […]