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Fancy Some Tea?

Want to get your caffeine fix but not so much of a coffee person? Are you more into teas? Then check out this list for some of Singapore’s popular tea houses. Lupicia In June of last year, one of Japan’s leading tea brands finally touched down in Singapore right in Great World City. Upholding their […]

Finding Treasure in Second Hand Clothes

There are many reasons to consider buying vintage or used clothes and apparel. For one, they’re cheaper so you could save more money for other things such as traveling. Second, chances are no one else will have the same clothes as you have because used clothes are almost-always sold with only one available stock. Third, […]

Attractions of Sentosa

Sentosa is a popular off island resort that is perfect for active and fun loving individuals. It offers a number of attractions such as museums and rides and many other facilities to provide a number of different and enjoyable experiences, entertainment and recreation to visitors. The Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom is a landscaped garden […]