5 Great Rules to Keep in Mind When Travelling Anywhere

Just as there are a lot of ways your vacation can work out well, there are also all kinds of ways that your experience can work out terribly and be inconvenient instead of being enjoyable.

But the good news is you don’t have to go through all that. Here are a few rules you should keep in mind when travelling, anytime, anywhere:

1. Observe proper manners and etiquette!
Manners and etiquette are quite tricky, since what could be considered normal in one place may be considered weird or rude in another – and the last thing you want when you’re on vacation is to commit a social faux pas.

However, you can easily avoid any social faux pas by observing how locals act and respond in different social situations, or ask around to know what is considered polite and what isn’t.

2. Don’t litter!
Not all places have garbage disposal bins nearby, but you will come across a point when you really need to throw away your trash. So what do you do?

A handy solution would be to keep your trash a separate compartment in your bag until you find a trash can. Having an extra plastic bag for exactly this will also save you a lot of hassle later on, especially when your disposables could leave a bad smell or stain your bag.

3. Keep your valuables in your carry-on.
Cellphones, wallets, credit cards, keys, passports, you name it – anything you need to access easily should all be in one bag that you have on your person at all times, especially since you’re travelling. You should also pay attention to your carry-on wherever you go so that you don’t lose it.

4. Don’t bring too much cash.
This applies when you’re in a place where you’re tempted to go on a shopping spree: take only what you need with a little extra for emergencies. That way, you won’t be tempted to blow your budget.

5. Book your accommodation in advance.
If you’re going out of town (or out of the country) for a while, the first thing you should book other than your flight is your reservation.

Of all the inconveniences that could happen to you on your trip, there’s nothing quite as bad as realizing that you have nowhere to stay for the night when every other place is fully booked or is too expensive for your budget.

Now that you know these rules, be sure to keep them in mind when you travel. They can also apply even when you’re not travelling, or simply going about your daily routine at work.
Enjoy your trip!