A Guide to Properly Caring for Your Knitwear

Regardless if it costs much or less, knitwear pieces require special care for it to maintain its original shape. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to spend extra bucks just to dry clean it every time. Aside from dry cleaning, there are other inexpensive ways that you can do to give your sweats some love. Here, we listed down some of the things to remember as you care for your precious angora, cashmere, synthetics and wool.

Shave the Bobbles

Bobbling occurs when two pieces of fabric rub together over time, or when it is frequently washed. To keep it from ruining the appearance of your knitwear, ensure that you remove it regularly – and a quick way to do it is through using an electric razor. Using a sharp razor, shave off the bobbles of your sweater to leave the surface of your knit feeling smooth again.

Comb Your Sweats

Another good way to maintain the prime state of your knitwear – and a good investment, might we add – is to run a cashmere comb on your sweater to get rid of any snags before washing them. This is crucial in keeping the fabric fibres from catching or tangling on any other garments.

Wash It Regularly

The easiest way to ensure that your knitwear stays in tip-top shape is to wash it regularly. Machine washing is good, but ensure that it’s only set on hand-wash setting and that you wash your coloured pieces separately. If you’re not that confident with using the washing machine, simply opt to hand-wash your sweaters. Just make sure that you press (not wring) it when you’re done.

Flat-Dry Your Knitwear

Once you’re done washing your knitwear, ensure that you dry it flat so it retains its original shape. Only stretch or weight it down if necessary, and never wring it just to get rid of the excess water. If you want to remove excess water, just scrunch it into a ball and gently squish it with your hands.

Avoid Dampness

Make sure that your sweaters are completely dry before stowing them away. Remember that even the slightest dampness on your knitwear will already result in discolouration, mildew or mould – and we’re pretty sure you wouldn’t want to see any of that on your clothing pieces.

Properly caring for your sweaters isn’t as difficult as you think. Simply putting these tips to work is already enough to ensure that you give your knitwear their much needed tender loving care.