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Five Great Things You Can Do with Used Tea Bags

While it feels good to find great ways to reuse things you normally throw away, such as coffee grounds or scratch paper, you might think that it’s difficult to find a use for the tea bags you’re about to throw away once you’re done preparing your favorite beverage. The good news is you can store […]

5 Crucial Facts You Need to Know About Bread

As much as bread is a staple in many diets all over the world, it’s an easy way to gain weight when you’re stressed or tired. With the wrong kind of bread, you increase the risk of all kinds of conditions, such as weight gain and dental caries. But the good news is you can […]

Get to Know the Different Types of Fat in Your Diet

As much as you’d like to think that fat is “bad” for you, it’s a vital nutrient that your body needs in the right amount. Aside from being an energy source and a component in cell growth, your body also needs fat to stay warm, absorb certain nutrients (vitamins such as A, D, E, and […]

The Yummy Fried Sesame Ball

Singapore is a perfect place to go dining. In fact, there are a lot of food places in the country. This includes the Chinatown, Little India, Hawker plaza, Orchard road and many more. When it comes to foods, you have nothing to worry because Singapore has almost all the recipes from different parts of the […]

Be Sizzled by Singapore’s Chicken Rice

Originally, the Hainanese Chicken Rice was founded by the early Chinese settler’s that came from the Hainan province in the Southern part of China. This recipe is just a simple dish wherein the cube-sized meat of the chicken is steamed and it mixed together with the rice. It rice is normally cooked in soup enriched […]