Be Sizzled by Singapore’s Chicken Rice

Originally, the Hainanese Chicken Rice was founded by the early Chinese settler’s that came from the Hainan province in the Southern part of China. This recipe is just a simple dish wherein the cube-sized meat of the chicken is steamed and it mixed together with the rice. It rice is normally cooked in soup enriched with pandan leaves. Also, it is added with condiments like soy sauce, ginger paste and pulverized chilli.


To make it more sizzling, it is said that adding ground chili paste will make it tastier and more delicious to eat. The Hainanese Chicken Rice must be cooked perfectly and in the right temperature because when you overcook or make the soup too hot, it will not satisfy anyone. On the other hand, if it is not that hot or perhaps cold, it will give a tasteless flavor.


For the preparation of this dish, expect that there will be a lot of sweat that will fall. In fact, patience is really in need for this food. In a casserole steam the chicken until it is fully cooked and then wash it with cold water right away or you can just soak it in cold water. Make sure that when you left the cooked chicken, maintain its tenderness to achieve its juicy and mouth-watering meat.

Hainanese Chicken Rice is typically partnered with a bowl of chicken soup. Usually, you can find this kind of dish in many hawker centers in Singapore. Indeed, it is simple yet delightful recipe.