6 Ways to Keep Our Brain Sharp

Keeping our mind in shape is very important if we want to keep working efficiently each and every day. But sometimes, we often overestimate our capabilities and tire our brains out. For this reason, we have to come up with practices and activities to sharpen our mind. So, here are some ways for you to keep your brain in top condition.

1. Read books
Reading books (daily if possible) can help keep our mind stimulated. When we read, we activate areas in the brain that are not only involved in speech but also the ones involved in imagination and creativity. Reading also enhances our memory therefore delaying mental aging and memory decline. You could also try reading out loud so that you’re not only engaging your eyes, but also your mouth and ears.

2. Learn a new language
There are four main languages used in Singapore namely Malay, English, Mandarin, and Tamil. With that, chances are you have a first language, and know a few words used in these other languages. But, learning a language as a whole can have a lot of benefits to the brain. Not only that, you’ll also be able to communicate to more and more people.

3. Exercise
Physical exercise also offers many benefits to the mind as with the body. When we exercise, especially when we do cardio, we improve our ability to control our breathing. This means that we are able to take in oxygen efficiently. Having enough oxygen supplied to the brain keeps it functioning healthily.

4. Meditate
Having high stress levels contributes to a lot of harm on the brain. And meditation is one of the best ways to reduce stress. Our stress piles up because of all the work we are doing each day and all the information that the brain has to process. When we meditate, we give our minds a time to rest and keep fresh.

5. Have enough sleep
Having enough sleep also contributes to the reduction of stress. Sleep is also a very important part of the human’s natural body clock. Sleeping allows our mind to repair and reconnect brain cells and nerve connections that may have otherwise been damaged by stress and overworking. When you lack in sleep, your mind and body will stay exhausted.

6. Puzzles and strategy games
Playing strategy games and completing puzzles are probably the most common activities to do to keep our brains sharp. Even so, they are actually undervalued and often overlooked. Puzzles and strategy games makes us analyze and engage our mind compared to a lot of other activities. Just remember to challenge your brain and increase the difficulty of the puzzle from time to time.