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Must-See Offshore Islands in Singapore

  You want a vacation that is near Singapore? You should know better. There are many islands scattered around Singapore which are rich in biodiversity and heritage. It is time that you consider these offshore islands before thinking of going to neighbouring countries and enjoying their coasts. The good news is that there are many […]

Sing Your Heart Out: The Best Karaoke Bars in Singapore

Singing lifts our spirits and makes us enjoy ourselves. If you want to belt your heart out or you just want to have a musical good time, you should go to KTV or Karaoke bars. In Singapore, there are a lot of KTV or karaoke bars you can enjoy. Here are some KTV or karaoke […]

Luxury Hotels in Singapore You Should Check In

Singapore is not Singapore without the luxury and the grandeur. When you speak of Singapore, all good things will come in mind. If you want to experience Singapore at its best, you can stay in their luxurious hotels. There are many hotels out there but you can start from this list: The Fullerton Bay Hotel […]

Understanding of Singapore Art Gallery

Singapore is a renowned country with art galleries offering different art paintings, oil paintings and other kinds of art masterpieces. However, there is no art gallery in the country that does not exhibit or even one that does not features oil painting works. It is because the country is efficiently promoting paintings using oil pastel. […]

Tourist Attractions in USS

For the hardcore sci-fi fans, this park offers them a separate zone to be at peace in their fantasy land –the Sci-Fi City. It is an imagined metropolis and houses rides like the Accelerator, and dueling roller skates, based on the hit television series Battlestar Gallactica. The dueling roller skates are the tallest in the […]