Understanding of Singapore Art Gallery

Singapore is a renowned country with art galleries offering different art paintings, oil paintings and other kinds of art masterpieces. However, there is no art gallery in the country that does not exhibit or even one that does not features oil painting works. It is because the country is efficiently promoting paintings using oil pastel. The most favorite factor about the galleries available in the country is that, it does not only enhance the marketing of their local artists but also includes the other artists of Southeast Asian. In connection with art gallery, listed below are options for the worth it gallery to visit in Singapore.

Vinci Arts Gallery

This gallery was established during the year 1991. The gallery functions as art consultancy and modern day art gallery. The place specializes in art paintings, ceramics and sculpture. The gallery is also identified as a place that promotes high standard form of art in the whole country by means of their bold commissions and exhibitions. When it comes to paintings, the place exhibits wonderful oil paintings made by both local and Southeast Asian artists. As the country promotes oil painting works, the gallery supports it. Since the place specializes in three-dimensional work and public sculpture, it became a consultant for some worthy projects having a superb high profile, works from conception until the installation of artworks, which include giving advice on promotion and media relations. In addition, the art gallery Singapore also offers consultation for home art decor, art exhibitions, art collections, valuations and other related events to visual arts. Hence, the gallery does not only posses great art paintings collections in Singapore but as well as great services.

Earl Lu Gallery

From the year it was established during 1995, the art gallery was able to accumulate great collections of about 800 high standard artworks made by renowned artists. It exhibits numerous collections from the Han dynasty stoneware to modern art paintings and sculptures made by famous artists like Sunil Das and Montei Boonma. Since the gallery is located inside the campus, it also features works made by the college staffs, graduates and students. Visitors are definitely amazed of the great oil painting works made by these college people, as they are great and excellently created. The gallery also holds symposiums and exhibitions regularly, bringing works, curators and artists from international scene. The best thing about this gallery in Singapore is that the admission is free.