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The 4 Best Board Game Cafes in Singapore

Bring back those nostalgic old-school memories and bring your friends to one of the board game cafes here in the city. Whether it’s a heated game of Monopoly or a heart-stopping game of Jenga, these cafes have got you covered. Alongside good friends or your family members, reminisce memories and create new ones over board […]

8 Vocal Training Tips to Improve Your Singing Voice

Most people think that a singing voice is something that a person is born with or without, and this isn’t actually far from the truth. Although your genetics play a role in determining how your voice sounds, a singing voice is actually a skill that can be learned and trained through taking singing lessons. So […]

Songs that Made an Impact  

  Whether we like it or not, songs have become a part of us and a part of the society. Songs form our culture and it influences our taste, attitude, custom and habits. Who would have thought that songs can be deeply rooted in our society? This is the reason why this year, the government […]

What Makes Singapore the Most Liveable City?

Singapore is once again hailed as the most liveable city in Asia and the world. This is according to the rankings made by ECA International. Hong Kong was also included in the ranking but it fell on the 33rd spot from last year’s 17th place. The second most liveable city is Adelaide (Australia) and the […]

Top 3 Singapore Fish Spas

A new form of therapy called fish spa continues to baffle and amaze people worldwide. Fish spa is done when customers put their feet in a fish tank full of freshwater Garra rufa fish, which in turn nibbles dead and dry skin while providing a gentle foot massage for the customers. This form of spa […]

The Best 3 Sports Bars in Singapore

Singaporeans are undeniably huge sport enthusiasts. Because of this, it’s no wonder why there are numerous sports bars scattered in Singapore. It’s always a great time to watch a game of football or baseball with our fellow sports aficionados and cheer for our favorite teams. Here are the top three sports bars in Singapore that […]

Smart Taxi is on the Way

Road accidents are not new here in Singapore. As much as possible you do not like this but it happens no matter how cautious you are. If you take public transportations, the anxiety of going home in one piece is evident. You do not know for sure what will happen in the road that is […]

No Sign of Wage Increase

As of the latest record, Singapore is the top expensive country to live. As a matter of fact, people here are comfortably living since some of their things are provided by the government and one of that is housing. In the nation, housing is free for the masses. In reality, these homes have greater value […]