The Importance of Rekeying Your Home Door Locks

The door locks you have at home are essential part of your home’s security system. If you are unable to maintain and ensure the security of your locks provides, do not hope to keep unauthorized people from entering your home.

Property managers and security experts here in Singapore often advise to replace door locks regularly, especially when security has been breached or you once lost your keys. While you can take this route, you can also request your locksmith for the more convenient—and equally secured—option: rekeying.

What Is Rekeying?
Rekeying is the process of reconfiguring the mechanisms of existing locks in a home. While it can certainly be done on houses, it cannot guarantee to do the same on cars. Only your car manufacturer can reconfigure car locks to securely lock and unlock car door. For homes, rekeying is a more practical solution, since replacing all locks can be expensive and time-consuming due to the need to purchase and lock installation of new hardware.

How It Works?
Rekeying may sound complex, but really it’s a straightforward repair lock process. It is simply a form of repair lock that replaces the lock pins inside the cylinder and changes the configuration of the lock. Take note that once your lockmaster expert has rekeyed your locks, the old keys no longer works unlock door.

Advantages of Rekeying
Locksmith services will likely offer to rekey your door locks before considering the idea of totally replacing them, and there are many good reasons why, such as the following:

• It is cost-effective. Compared to total lock replacement, rekeying is much cheaper, since you won’t have to change old locks with new ones. While locks are inexpensive, it can get costly when dealing with a number of them, not to mention the cost associated with lock installation.
• It is faster. Since you don’t have to remove and replace locks, rekeying is faster to do than lock replacement.
• It is more secure. Rekeying allows you to limit the number of freshly cut keys produced by your 24 hour locksmith.
• It is more convenient. Believe it or not, you can carry just one key for all door locks of your home. You can ask your locksmith services provider in Singapore such as for this one. Having to carry just one key can make your daily routine much more convenient.

Methods to Rekey Your Locks
There are a few ways you can take to rekey your locks, which likely depends on factors like the number of locks, time and cost.

The easiest and safest method is to hire a professional 24 hour locksmith in Singapore. Certified locksmith services provider might be a little bit expensive, but you can guarantee secure results. You won’t have to worry that an intruder may easily unpick lock of your home. A professional locksmith can ensure that your new locks are unique and won’t be easily breached.

Another way is to DIY. But unless you have background in locksmithing, this is tricky to execute even if there are rekeying kits available in the market. You may be able to unpick lock of your closet or unlock car door with a hair pin, but it requires skills and proper training to reconfigure door locks.