The Yummy Fried Sesame Ball

Singapore is a perfect place to go dining. In fact, there are a lot of food places in the country. This includes the Chinatown, Little India, Hawker plaza, Orchard road and many more. When it comes to foods, you have nothing to worry because Singapore has almost all the recipes from different parts of the globe.


In the beautiful country of Singapore, there are a lot of Chinese bread houses and Dim Sum restaurants that is sure to have the delectable fried sesame ball. This is a Chinese pastry that is coated with sesame seeds as usual and nothing more interesting about its appearance. However, one you’ve tasted it or just have bitten a single bite, you will realize that you are not being fooled by this food.

Its soft and chewy texture will not just satisfy your cravings, it will also make your snack more delicious. In fact, this Fried sesame ball is appetizing and delicious most especially when it is filled with lotus seed paste or maybe sweet red bean.


As mentioned, it looks like an ordinary pastry but when you taste it, you will never regret that you have eaten it. To add, tasting its yummy and sweet bun will turn your food cravings ‘on’. Since it is one of the famous snacks in Singapore, it is a must that it is in found in the different areas in the city. Clearly, fried sesame ball is a must-try dish. You’ll not just say ‘Wow!’, you’ll definitely say  ‘One more please’.