Finding Treasure in Second Hand Clothes

There are many reasons to consider buying vintage or used clothes and apparel. For one, they’re cheaper so you could save more money for other things such as traveling. Second, chances are no one else will have the same clothes as you have because used clothes are almost-always sold with only one available stock. Third, it’s actually quite exciting to search for that one-of-a-kind piece that has the potential to be your next fashion treasure.


In addition, when you opt for used clothes, you’re actually doing the environment a favor because as you do this, you’re reducing wastage and, pardon the technicality, reducing greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to the worsening of global warming. With the exception of used underwear of course, wouldn’t you want to give used clothing a try? And to help you take those baby steps towards the direction of buying used clothing, here are some of Singapore’s retailers that just might have what you are looking for.

Nostalgic Diva

Feeling nostalgic for some vintage clothes? Well, you don’t need to be anymore because Nostalgic Diva will surely take you back in time through their wide selection of high quality vintage items. They’ve got almost every era covered from that ‘50s cocktail dress to heels from the ‘80s, and they also carry several collectible vintage items from high fashion brands such as Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent. Go ahead, warp through time and revisit the classic styles as you search for your next treasure in this lovely shop at 25A Arab Street or check out their Facebook page.


New2U Thrift Shop

If you happen to be saving some money or you’re really just a cheapskate at heart, then you’re in luck because New2U will be happy to serve you. Here, you’ll get to find unique pieces which won’t hurt your budget at all because some are even priced for as low as S$1!  New2U offers used clothing both branded and not.

The great thing about shopping here isn’t actually the low cost of their items, it’s the fact that proceeds go to Star Shelter, a crisis center for women who are victims of domestic violence, and other initiatives of Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations. Isn’t that wonderful? You’re saving money and at the same time you’re being socially responsible and environmentally friendly! This shop, for all that it stands for, is truly worth taking the time to visit, so head on to 96 Waterloo Street.