Photography Trends Every Aspiring Photographer Needs to Try Today

As the award-winning photographer and globetrotter Chase Jarvis once said, the best camera in the world is the one that you possess. It is inevitable to get caught up in a competition as to who has the best equipment when it comes to photography, especially when factors like advanced specifications and megapixels come to play in the quality of your photos.

Regardless, it’s not impossible for you to take breathtaking snapshots even if you don’t have the latest camera model. Jarvis himself was able to publish a book of photos taken across the globe merely through the use of his iPhone. You may be no Jarvis, but there are recent photography trends you can try to take good photos. Exercise your creativity and photography skills by trying these out!

1. Drone cameras
Advancements in technology has equipped photographers to make use of drones when it comes to taking photographs or videos from how many altitudes in the sky. Drones, which are controlled by radio, successfully capture scenarios previously deemed impossible without having to cash out a ruinously expensive budget. Drone cameras are now used for documenting special events as well, such as wedding nuptials.

2. 360 degree photography
Spherical cameras are now available in the market, much to the delight of a number of photographers. It enables them to capture almost everything around them: the scene above, below, in front of them and behind. As a result, it produces images which are definitely considered unique and one of a kind. There are also 360 photographs which can be viewed using virtual reality goggles, allowing the viewer to realistically experience scenes as if one were physically present when it was taken.

3. Polaroids
Recent years has seen the return of instant photographs. With that, Polaroids have returned to the photography field in such a big way. Although most of us has turned into digital when it comes to processing our snapshots, there is still significance attached to instantly developed photos. Polaroids, which add a beautiful retro twist, are also considered a trend when it comes to fashion photography — as notably observed in recent Burberry and Boss SS16 campaigns.

4. The return of film
Contrary to popular belief, film isn’t dead. Veteran photographers have continued to work with film for reasons such as: it instills a discipline in taking photos and maintains a visual quality to film-taken photographs. The grain involved in film also makes colors bustle to life, something the flatness of raw digital pixels fail to adapt.

5. Fisheye lens
When it comes to camera lenses, owning a fisheye lens is one guaranteed way to take your photographs to the next level. The lens became popular to a number of photographers mainly because of their unique and fun usage, not to mention their iconic distorted lines. Using fisheye truly fosters one’s creative side!