The 4 Major Don’ts of Picking a Wedding Dress

The wedding dress is labeled as “the dress of all dresses,” and the one that would live on forever in wedding photos and videos for the years to come. Therefore, aside from knowing all the “How-Tos” and following all the “Bridal Tips” we read in magazines and in the Internet, it pays a lot to know what things to avoid when searching for the “The One.”


To help soon-to-be-brides, like you, we’re here to inform you of the different things you should avoid when picking out your wedding gown.

1.       Do not hurry things up

Set aside plenty of time when looking for the right dress. Have fun trying on several wedding gowns, while not forgetting to do your homework. Similarly, never be too excited to purchase a dress that you think is the right one. When you find a dress you like, ask who the designer is, go home, and find out when the designer is having their next collection. Or, alternatively, look for a dress with the same style in a more reasonable price.

2.       Do not just stand there

We’ve all seen Singapore brides trying on wedding gowns. Typically, they stand on a podium, turn around, smile, and imagine walking down the aisle wearing that wedding gown. Unfortunately, only a few have tried sitting down, bending over, and walking around with the wedding bridal dresses from Singapore on. Yes, that corseted-top gown makes your waist look tiny, but can you sit and bend over without feeling like the garment is about to tear apart?


3.       Do not believe everything you see in magazines

Not just in magazines, but also on TV and in the Internet. A dress that looks good on models doesn’t necessarily mean that it would look good on you. Remember that no two women are of the same body shape and size and, therefore, what looks good on others may not have the same effect on you. In order to get the right wedding dress, there’s no other way but to go to a Singapore bridal salon, try on several dresses, get measured, and seek professional advices. If a dress from a magazine caught your attention, show it to your designer and see what he or she can do to make it look perfect on you.

4.       Do not forget to take pictures

We are our own critics, so make sure to take several shots of the wedding gowns you try on to compare and further examine when you get home. Also, pay attention to how the fabric appears in photos. Many times, gowns made of satin or taffeta looks good in actual, but could look wrinkled in photos due to lighting conditions. And after all, it’s the photos that will last a lifetime.

Every bride is unique, as well as their choices of wedding gown. One may prefer laced dress while the other may not, one may pick shorter dress while the other goes for a longer one. Whatever choice you may end up with, remember that it must be the fit over the trend. Lastly, and most importantly, it’s not about the price tag or the designer, it’s about the love.