Wedding Dress Shopping Tips for Plus-Size Brides

Wedding dress shopping can be a very daunting, but exciting experience, for most brides. But if you’re a plus-size bride-to-be in a sea of size-eight gowns, finding your dream wedding dress may seem downright impossible. Still, shopping for that perfect dress should never be an unpleasant experience and you should also never force yourself to settle for anything less than your dream wedding gown. To help you, we’ve listed some wedding dress shopping tips that full-figured brides like you can use.


  1. Go With the Right Materials. If there’s one important thing to consider in shopping for your wedding dress, it would be choosing the material that perfectly flatters your shape. Opt for fabrics that are easily ruched like satin, silk and taffeta since they perfectly conceal any imperfection and even disguises heavier areas. As much as possible, steer clear from appliquéd details and beaded materials as they only end up enhancing the spots that you’d want to hide.
  1. Flaunt Your Curves. You’re blessed with lovely curves, so why not flaunt it. Most plus-size brides go with V-necks and sweetheart necklines to cover their décolletage, while still flaunting their figures. Don’t be afraid to show off if you’re comfortable to do so, but avoid dresses with plunging necklines as they can make you look top-heavy and rounded.
  1. Opt for Strapped or Sleeved Dresses. Although strapless gowns are in vogue right now, you should still be wary of this style as it accentuates and widens the shoulders and arms. Instead, opt for a strapped or sleeved dress. Just remember that when choosing this style of dress, go with dresses that have lacy or short capped sleeves, or a light and long-sleeved jacket that you can also wear over your dress.


  1. Choose the Right Skirt. One of the most important aspect in a plus-size bride’s dress would be the skirt. So choose a gown that has a full-skirt or an A-line skirt that has a dropped-waist seam to elongate your midriff and just flow away from your hips. Going with these skirt styles will surely give your body a rather curvy and smooth shape that your female guests will surely envy.
  1. Buy the Size that Fits Your Biggest Body Part. Most brides may think that going with a smaller wedding dress will motivate them to shed some weight before their big day, when the truth is, it’ll only add a lot of unnecessary stress. Avoid this by asking a consultant to measure your size and choose a gown that fits your biggest size. This simply means that if your bust measurement is a size 12 and your hips measurement is that of a size 18, then you should pick a dress set in size 18. Then just have it altered down to fit the rest of your body.

Choosing a wedding dress can be a pretty challenging task, especially for full-figured brides. But by following these dress shopping tips, you’ll surely be able to find the wedding gown that you’ve been dreaming off.