The Only 3 Tips Every Smart Shopper Should Know


Women are known to be notorious for being frantic shoppers, which is why it’s essential to be knowledgeable of the know-hows of smart shopping—knowing the difference of ‘needs’ and ‘wants,’ being well-informed of ways to get the most out of your money, and be familiar with fashion. So if you want to go shopping in a practically painless way, here are some tips to help you out.


  1. Plan Your Attack

First off, assess your closet. Do you have fewer neutral pieces and more printed ones, or vice versa? What are your favourite pieces and what do they have in common? Answer these questions to keep you guided as you shop around for new clothes.

But before heading out, make sure to fuel up. Don’t shop when tired or hungry. Wear comfortable clothes, and bring a bottle of water with you and some snacks to keep your energy up.

Once you know what to buy and you’re all fuelled up for an afternoon shopping, prep up and look nice. It’s fun to shop around when you feel and look confident, but go easy on makeup since you don’t want to stain the clothes you will be trying on.

  1. Shop Around Wisely

Be realistic of the sizing, and buy the size that fits—not the size of the most clothes you buy. Remember that sizes vary by brand, so don’t fix yourself on the size that’s written in the tag. Try it on, if it fits, buy it!

When shopping for shoes, wait until the afternoon, when you feet are most swollen, to ensure proper fit. Then, walk on different surfaces when trying on footwear to know exactly how the shoes feel in different circumstances.

If you’re shopping for event, make sure to shop early—don’t wait until the last minute. You need plenty of time to find the right pieces, with matching accessories, and make alterations when necessary.


  1. Know How to Close a Deal

Ask about the store’s return policy before paying for it, and keep the receipt until you are sure of the item. To avoid returning an item or the dreaded buyer’s remorse, make sure to spend your money on the right pieces. If you intend on splurging on a piece of clothing, choose one that’s classic like a versatile black blazer—not a trendy one.

And lastly, know when to say no. Accept that certain clothing styles can look unflattering on you. While it may look fabulous on the mannequin, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it would look good on you as well. Be realistic with your purchases and buy pieces that you know you will wear often.

Shopping is a pleasurable thing, but not as pleasurable for our bank accounts. If you want to get the best deals without costing a fortune—or at least get justifiable purchases out of your money—be a wise shopper by taking these tips with you the next time you head out for a shopping free.