A Guide to Hiring an Emergency Plumber

Plumbing emergencies happen to almost anyone, whether you’re living in a condominium or a house. In such circumstances, it’s important to call on the most competent and reliable plumber available to come and assess your plumbing problem. But similar with finding a regular plumber, looking for a skilled emergency plumber proves to be quite challenging as well. To help you deal with your emergency plumbing needs, we’ve listed down some tips on how you can easily find and hire an emergency plumber.


1. Go for Local Plumbing Services

As you start looking for your emergency plumber, make sure that you choose one that is located in the same area as your home. This is crucial, especially if you’re faced with a plumbing emergency, since you’ll need the service provider to immediately work on your problem. Also, consider hiring a plumber or plumbing contractor who specializes in providing emergency plumber services. This allows you to get such services without any extra cost when you call for them during odd hours, holidays, and weekends.

2. Look in the Internet

Today, a good number of local companies in Singapore are already offering emergency plumbing services online, turning the internet to one of the best places to search for professional emergency plumbers. It allows you to compare two to three plumbing companies based on their services and rates, thus saving you energy and time.

Once you’re done searching for a plumber to hire, you should then determine whether or not they provide http://24hrsplumbing.com.sg in Singapore even on holidays following an emergency plumbing issue. As you start comparing their rates, make sure to get two to three quotes from different plumbers, and ask about the services included in their respective quotes. Also, consider reading through various customer reviews on your prospective plumber to easily assess the quality of work he might provide.

3. Ask Around for Recommendations

If searching online doesn’t suit you, consider asking around to get some good recommendations beforehand. Reach out to your neighbours, and ask about the type of plumbing contractor they previously hired, as well as the type of services the person offered to them. Doing this will give you an idea as to which plumber you should consider hiring.

One advantage of asking around is that the information provided on a certain plumber is not biased. In fact, it’s accurate enough since it’s provided by the people who experienced their services before. Plus, you get to know the different costs for the plumbing services, which helps you save money by going for the affordable ones.

4. Hire a Plumber With a Good Emergency Plumbing Experience

Before contacting a plumber and arranging an appointment, you should first find out if they have the experience necessary for your specific plumbing job. Assuming that you have an emergency that needs to be immediately dealt with, you need someone who is experienced enough to fix your problems on the first try and won’t require any additional maintenance.

Portrait Of Male Plumber Fixing A Sink In Bathroom

5. Ask About His License and Qualifications

One of the best ways to look for the best emergency plumber is to look based on the quality of the services each plumber is offering. Emergency plumbing works are one of the toughest jobs to do since dealing with it requires advanced plumbing knowledge and skills. That said, make sure that you only hire a plumber who has earned valuable experience, and has been licensed accordingly. Hiring such plumber will exempt you from any legal or occupational liability that might arise as the person starts working in your home.

6. Choose an Emergency Plumber to Contact to Beforehand

Opt for an emergency plumber who is familiar with how your plumbing system works – and choose one before an emergency even occurs. As much as possible, consider getting all the necessary information about your prospective plumber beforehand so you’ll know who to call in the event that you might need his plumbing services in the middle of the night. After all, you wouldn’t want to spend most of your time combing through the internet listings of the best 24 hours plumber around your area.

7. Select a Plumber Who Offers Direct Emergency Response

Although a good number of plumbers and plumbing contractors in Singapore claim to offer 24/7 plumbing repair services, not all of them provide personal assistance when they are contacted for help. These companies are those who transfer callers to their answering machines when calls are made at certain odd hours. This is why it’s crucial to choose plumbers who provide direct response to calls for emergency plumbing needs.

8. Check on the Cost of Hiring an Emergency Plumber Beforehand

Before hiring an emergency plumber, you should first ask about the types of materials they will use, as well as the rates for their plumbing services. Set an appointment with several plumbers beforehand to get an estimate of the costs that you’ll be paying when you decide to hire an emergency plumber. Also, consider asking them about the brands of the materials they normally use, and see if they also allow customers to benefit from the protection offered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Lastly, ask them as to what will happen in case the problem recurs to avoid misunderstandings and complications.

Although finding a good emergency plumber can be quite a challenging task, following the aforementioned tips will surely lead you to a plumber whom you can trust to solve your plumbing emergencies, and get rid of the stress it brings to you.