6 Psychological Hacks to Make Interacting Easier

For some, communicating and dealing with people is quite challenging. Whether it is work-related or for pleasure, it’s important to know a few psychological hacks to make interactions run smoother. These tricks aren’t intended to be used as ways to manipulate people to work in your terms, but simply for improving your relationship with the people around you.

1. Remember names to easily make friends

If you want to make friends and be a more likeable person, make an effort to remember names people’s first names. A person instantly feels special when someone calls them by their first name.

2. Look into a person’s eyes when getting an unsure answer

Sometimes, we find answers unconvincing or non-understandable. Rather than repeating the question and still getting the same answer, look into the person’s eyes for a little while after hearing his answer. It will make them feel cornered, and will force them to explain further their answer.

3. Scribble your thoughts when feeling anxious or stressed

At some point, we feel mentally anxious and stress. To ease your thoughts, write down what makes you anxious in a notebook or journal. You’ll be able to get back on track easily because it feels like you’ve shared your worries with someone else.

4. Proper posture will boost your confidence

This may just be psychological, but it can significantly improve your personal life and even your career. You’re asking how to feel and look more confident? Start with your posture. If you let yourself take more space, you’ll likely feel more confident.

5. Sit closer to the aggressor when you know you’ll be attacked

If you are headed towards a meeting and you know there’s a possibility of a heated discussion, or you expect to be negatively criticized, make it a point to sit next to the aggressor. While this may make you feel awkward and uncomfortable, you are not the only one feeling such way. Close proximity will naturally make a person feel uncomfortable, which lessens the level of aggressiveness they plan to do.

6. Make people feel like they’re badly needed when asking for help

When asking for help, start off by saying, ‘I need your help…’ It makes the person feel you really need his or her help. Human as we are, we like feeling needed and hate feeling guilty. By sounding like you seriously need help, you’ll likely receive the help you need.

These are just little things you can do to make interacting easier. Although we often link ‘hacks’ with things we do to make day-to-day activities easier, there is no reason we can’t apply the same concept to our mental well-being.