5 Bizarre and Head-Crushing Ancient Cures for Headache

All of us experience headaches and we all instinctively know that the cure for it is normally just rest and medicine. It can be by taking some medicines, proper rest and many more. However, there are other ways to ease the worst pain that is caused by headache. In the past centuries, there are 5 weird ways to combat headaches and these are the following:


  1. Burning your head: Actually, in the time of Arateus of Cappadocia – a Greek doctor in the old times – he believes that burning of the head can relieve headaches.
  2. Putting dead mole: In the 10th century, Ali ibn Isa al-Kahhal invents his own kind of medicines. In fact, he was the first physician who discovered the symptoms of Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada syndrome (an eye disease). Although he was a smart doctor, it is still crazy to think if you will put a dead mole on your head.


  1. Having a warm and sweet bath: During the 12th century, Moses Maimonides, a physician at that time century, improvised some cure for the long-time problem in their land. Dipping yourself in the warm, sweetened water (honey was the best at that time) can help relieve headache.
  2. Electric eels on the tub: Electricity is a very dangerous to human. However, in 1762, there was an article that was published by the Dutch Society of Sciences wherein eels have benefits for human beings. This is said to cure severe headaches. They should only hold their hand on their head and the other one would be on the fish.
  3. Trepanning: Of all the ancient headache cures, this is the one is the most brutal. During the 8th century, people are drilling holes on their head because they believe that putting pressure in their head will send a message to the brain to stop aching.