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6 Ways to Keep Our Brain Sharp

Keeping our mind in shape is very important if we want to keep working efficiently each and every day. But sometimes, we often overestimate our capabilities and tire our brains out. For this reason, we have to come up with practices and activities to sharpen our mind. So, here are some ways for you to […]

Bad Habits that Weaken Your Immune System

The immune system is the body’s first line of defense against diseases, which is why those who are immuno-compromised are more susceptible to infections and illnesses than those who are healthy. However, we are all guilty of a few practices that harm the immune system. Eating Too Much Eating regular meals is a must, however, […]

Reasons to Try Street Food

  Most countries across Southeast Asia have a selection of street food. When you visit any of the countries, it is almost a sin to not try one of these. But visitors often shy away from eating food don’t look properly prepared and cooked. Not only that, some of the displays look unfamiliar. Bugs hanged […]

Benefits of Learning How to Dance the Salsa

  Registering to salsa sessions may be one of the finest decisions you would make yourself. Salsa is a dance recognized globally and it is possible to know someone who is also interested in it. Whether you like to consider an activity for the first time, meet new people, or shape up the fun way, […]

Punch Up Your Workout Routine

5 Health Benefits of Getting into Boxing From a sport that we usually watch on TV, boxing slowly turned into a workout routine loved by most fitness buffs. Aside from helping you tone your muscles, the sport also aids in honing your mental strength – truly a great workout that stimulates both your body and […]

Unconventional Ways to Improve Your Sleep

  Are you having some trouble sleeping lately? Is your work starting to disrupt your sleep cycle? If so, then here are some unconventional ways on how you’ll be able to get some quality snooze each night and wake up feeling more energized and refreshed than before. Create an Evening Ritual: Creating an evening ritual […]

Heart-Healthy Habits Every Woman Should Adopt

Heart disease is the leading cause of death among women, affecting one out of four females each day. The more shocking news is that your heart disease risk in Singapore is thrice as greater than that of your lifetime breast cancer risk. But for some reason, this silent killer maintains most of its health threat […]

Reducing Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Let it be known that a drug in its experimental phase has shown promising results in treating breast cancer. Pfizer announced the news on April 6, 2014. Though it is still experimental and in its early clinical phase, the results are promising. Pfizer is the 2nd largest pharmaceutical company in the world. This is good […]