5 Fashion Rules You Can Break in Style

You don’t have to cut your hair short when you reach 40 or should always wear matching accessories. You can ditch these five common fashion rules and still look stylish like you’re straight out of a fashion magazine.

1. Thou shall keep thy hair short after 40.
The only reason we see on this rule is tradition. Perhaps, this becomes a problem when you go for an unflattering haircut, which actually ages you instead of making you look younger. Rather than going on full bangs, which is no longer flattering for a mature woman, let your hairstylist layer your hair into a face-framing style.

2. Thou shall have matching belt bag and shoes.
While this was once true, its time was so over. Matching your bag to your belt or shoe or your earrings to your necklace can make you look outdated. Instead of matching, mix up your accessories to add interest to your look. Tasteful addition of colours and chunky pieces can instantly make you look polished and modern.

3. Thy hemlines shall fall as thy age rises.
While hot pants are a no-no for mature women, a short skirt will do as long as you think you can rock it with confidence. Let Sharon Stone and Demi Moore be your teacher. You can certainly wear short dresses and high heels even after 40, but be sure to make it look appropriate. Stylists recommend anywhere from three inches above the knee to knee-level dresses. If you’re uncomfortable showing your legs, you can always wear your short dress with fishnet leggings or opaque tights.

4. Thou shall avoid red lipstick during the day.
For decades, lips are always worn in nude during daytime and dramatic make-up looks are reserved for evenings. But because of more and more women love to go beyond their comfort zone, red lipstick—with subtle make-up look—can now be worn during the day without looking overboard. Just don’t pair it with smokey eyes or black eyeliner. As usual, reserve the dramatic look for evening affairs. Wearing red lipstick is a great way to distract people’s attention from your eyes when you have not gotten enough sleep the night before.

5. If the piece doesn’t fit, acquit.
Actually, it’s a matter of flattery, not the fit. Do not rule out a piece that you love if it doesn’t fit you. Know that you might need to tweak it to make it work for you. The only time to give up is when a piece doesn’t look good on you even if it perfectly fits you. Respect your body type and choose something that’s going to look flattering on your shape.

When you love what you see on you and it looks appropriate and flattering, that is what you should be wearing. The key to looking fashionable is not dressing according to trend or following the mentioned fashion rules. Knowing your unique traits while considering comfort will direct you to what works for you and what’s probably won’t.