Types of Painting Services for Your Apartment

If you’re looking for the best painter to perform painting services for your apartment in Singapore, remember the different types of painting contractor services for specific condo painting jobs.

Here are some of the options at HBD painting service to keep in mind.

Interior House Painting
Most painting services for condo painting projects involve the preparation of the home interior for renovation or redecoration. This means that the painting contractor should first inspect the house before providing you with a breakdown of the pricing and the materials that will be used. The best painter in Singapore should help you move the furniture or find a contractor to do it, before any prep work can begin. Prep work usually involves the removal of curtains, outlet covers, and switch plates. The painting crew can then repair the drywall before sanding, taping, back filling. Next, the painting contractor might use priming if necessary or review other flaws for another drywall repair before the finishing coat can be applied. The cleanup should also be a part of the painting process so that the furniture and other items can be moved back in.

Exterior House Painting
The process for exterior painting is slightly different from the interior condo painting. First, the ideal colours specialist in Singapore must remove the debris, dirt, and oxidation on the walls and clean out the vegetation. Next, some of the old paint is removed until the solid edge is revealed. Then, caulking of the seams, joints, and cracks can begin before the painter masks and covers any surrounding vegetation or item that cannot be removed from the walls. Finally, the application of the paint is done through various means such as bankrolling and spraying.

How do you look for a painting contractor in Singapore? Here are some questions you need to ask when looking for a painting services company such as www.idealcolours.sg.

• What types painting services do you offer?
• Do you have a list of these services and the prices? Will I pay for the materials, too?
• How do you screen your employees and do they have special training? Who is the best painter in the team?
• Will the job need only one of the best painter or a team of specialists? Are they full-time employees or subcontractors?
• What type of materials are used for the painting services?

• Will there be a person who will manage the project? Who will I contact if I have questions or concerns?
• Is there a safety training for your employees when using the materials and techniques?
• Do you have liability insurance in case my property is damaged?
• Do you have worker’s compensation in case there is an accident during the condo painting?
• Is there a warranty for the painting job? What does it cover and how long is the warranty?

Do not hesitate to ask for more details from employees at the HBD painting service, because they will be more than happy to assist you.