5 Everyday Habits That Destroys Your Eyesight

Our vision is probably the most valuable sense we have. Without it, we wound not be able to do most of the things we do on a daily, like driving, reading, watching TV and more. However, it is also the sense that we usually forget needs extra TLC. A lot of our daily habits pose a threat to a healthy eyesight, but these five are the most common—and can be easily avoided.

1. Wearing Expired Eye Make-Up
Make-up products should be thrown away after a certain period of time, and eye make-up is one of those products that needs frequent replacement. Whether it is an eye shadow, eye liner or a tube of mascara, you need to replace it every after few months, regardless you have finished them or not. Most make-ups indicate at the back label how many months after opening a certain product should be replace, so make sure to follow.

2. Forgetting Your Sunglasses
Extensive exposure to UV rays can damage your retina and put you at serious risk for some major eye issues like cataracts. If you’re wearing contacts, choose a brand that also provides UV protection to add an extra layer of defense in addition to your sunglasses. So, take the little extra effort to grab your sunnies every time you head outside.

3. Spending Long Hours In Front of the Computer
This one may be unavoidable, especially if your work requires you to be in front of the computer eight hours a day. If you really can’t avoid it, know that there are ways to minimize the effects. Keep your screen at least 15 percent below eye level and reduce the screen’s brightness as much as possible.

4. Wearing Contacts In the Shower
Not just in the shower, but also in the pool and the beach, as any form of water contains bacteria that can get in contact with your lenses. In severe cases, you may even get acanthamoeba into your eye. Although rare, this microorganism, which thrives in the soil and fresh water, can cause serious eye infection that may lead to blindness or permanent damage to the eye.

5. Rubbing Your Eyes
You probably won’t go blind for rubbing your eyes, but if you are a regular rubber, know that it can cause jeopardize the health of your vision. Chronically rubbing or wiping your eyes will increase your chances of developing keratoconus—a condition when the cornea becomes pointy and thin causing a distorted vision. The best you can do? Just keep your hands off your eyes, and wash your eyes with water to flush out dust and irritants.

You only get to have a pair of eyes during your entire lifetime, so make sure to take extra care of it by avoiding these five everyday habits that are unhealthy for your eyesight.