Why Reading is Good for You

There are a couple of people we know of who absolutely dread reading. Why should they? Is it really that bad? Definitely not! Maybe people tend to dread reading because they haven’t really experienced it to the fullest and the memory of how they felt when they were reading was but a mediocre experience. Everyone should read but the sad thing is not everyone can. What’s even worse is that some people even choose not to read at all. We’re here to argue why reading is good for you and hopefully after reading this article, you might just pick up a good book.

Here are some reasons why reading is good for you:

1. Exercises the brain
The brain is still a muscle and it definitely needs exercise. A lot of us forget to exercise our minds which leads us to a dull functioning mind. Learning itself is actually a skill and the best way to improve your learning skill is by exercising. This is why we have people whom we can call fast learners. These people have exercised their learning skills and have become able to learn faster than other people.

2. Encourages imagination
Some people think that knowledge is everything and we would like to counter that thought. In fact, we believe that knowledge is only half of the whole pie. It is knowledge and creativity that is important. We work on our knowledge every day and somehow forget that investing on our creativity is of equal importance.

Everything we have today has been a product of both knowledge and creativity. When the plane was invented, it started from imagination. It seemed absurd but with the necessary knowledge to back it up, it was then made possible! Imagination or creativity and knowledge always go together. In fact, you can’t possibly take these two apart that is why you have to work on both.

Reading is an excellent way to encourage imagination. After all, reading sharpens the imagination and helps readers practice putting details into their minds with the work of their own minds as their very own paintbrushes.

3. Improves vocabulary
Vocabulary is needed in our everyday lives. We all have a specific range of vocabulary. We know some words and there are definitely still other words we don’t know. So is improving your vocabulary basically about collecting different words? No! It is about being able to speak better. The more words you know, the better you tend to talk. Because of the wide selection of words, you’ll be able to really say what you mean instead of having to substitute it for an easier word.

4. Teaches you something new
It’s always good to learn something new every once in a while. Besides, why stop building your brain? Learning something new every now and then is definitely beneficial to you because the more you know, the better you will become in terms of reacting to certain external factors around you.

Books are one of the things you must learn treasure and if you are capable of treasuring your books, your books will do the same for you. Books improve you as a person and with a lot of them out there, there’s no doubt you’ll improve.