Travel Mistakes to Avoid for the Best Vacation Ever

Whether it is your first adventure abroad or already your 50th, you’d definitely want to avoid these common travel mistakes to guarantee optimum fun and relaxation. Keep in mind these tips to help avoid falling victim to any of these boo-boos.

1. Assuming that your phone is ready for international use
Keep in mind that every company has their own unique policy for international data use, which may include upgrading of your plan for the month of your trip or purchasing of local SIM pack to make calls whenever you are in another country. Before leaving home, make sure to check with your local carrier, so you stay connected with family and friends without returning home to a $1,500 bill!

2. Forgetting to inform your bank about the trip
There is nothing scarier than being locked out of your personal bank account when you are outside Singapore with no enough cash on hand. Days before your trip, give your bank a heads up that you will be going to this specific location for a certain amount of time. Many credit card companies and local banks here in Singapore lets you do this online by sending them a travel notification. This is definitely a step you will be glad you remembered.

3. Packing your medications in your luggage
Especially during long-haul flights, we get separated from our luggage for extended hours. Pro travel advice: if you are travelling with special medications, make sure that these items are always available in your carry-on bag. In the event you get stranded or your luggage was loaded in the wrong plane, you can breathe a bit easier knowing that you are able to keep your health on check.

4. Failing to exchange currency
You’d want to pick up some local currency the moment you step into a country. In most countries, public transportation, cabs, small eateries and local markets only accept cash, so exchanging local currency before leaving the airport is always a must.

5. Taking the signs for granted
This one seems like a no-brainer, but many tend to forget this when they get all too giddy to explore the new place. For example, if your vacation calls for a day at the beach, that cute bikini you just bought may be optional. But be sure to look for signs as some beaches may be nude beaches, and the signage is not always obvious. For many tourists, it is awkward being the only person in bikini in a nudist beach, as well as being the only nude person at a clothed beach. SO, do yourself a little favor and read the signs.

If you’re guilty to any of these mistakes during your previous trips, then you should know better by know. For the first timers, heed these advices for the best vacation ever!