Here’s Why You Should Try Boxing Today

To start off, boxing is an activity that can be taken by almost anyone! Doesn’t matter if you’re doing it as a hobby, for exercise, or if you want to become a professional boxer. There are also a lot of gyms around Singapore that offer boxing courses and training. Safety and fitness are only some of the many benefits of boxing. So, here are some reasons why you should go and hit the boxing gym today!

1. It’s Fun!
Because of how we see professional boxers on TV, we tend to initially think that boxing is just painful. Although it is, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re always getting hurt. Boxing is a fun way to relieve stress because you can release your frustrations on the punching bag. It is said that being able to release tension like this (punching the bag) can actually boost our endorphins too. In addition to that, trainers usually try their best to create a fun environment for you at the gym.

2. Boxing can teach you to defend yourself
Another big reason many people get into boxing is to learn how to defend themselves. Sparring sessions usually emulate a real fighting scenario. These can help you get a feel on real combat and can help you move to the right positions and strike at the right times. Always remember, though, that you should not use your skills to impose your power on others but instead only to defend yourself or others when necessary.

3. Boxing is a great workout
What makes boxing a great form of exercise is that it is a full-body workout. The strength of a punch, for example, doesn’t only come from the arms, but also the muscles on the back and the core. You also draw power from the ground using your feet and you have to use your legs to move around quickly too. 30 minutes on the ring during a sparring session, for example, can actually help you burn an estimated 400 calories. It can give you a tiring yet very fulfilling workout especially if you’re trying to lose weight.

4. Helps improve cardiovascular health
Boxing is essentially a cardio workout. You move around a lot, and you also draw a lot of energy when punching. This also has a lot to do with breathing. When boxing, you normally breathe a lot to take in more oxygen for the heart to function more efficiently. After having a few sessions, you’ll notice that your cardiovascular endurance and overall stamina has greatly improved, not just inside the gym but also outside. This means that your resting heart rate has also lowered. Basically, a lower heart rate means that your heart is able to pump blood more efficiently.