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Misconceptions About Strength Training That Are Actually Harmful

Everyone has common misconceptions about lifting weights and strength training overall. Both men and women believe certain myths that either stops them from getting enough gains or hinder them from actually doing strength training. So, let’s shed a light on these misconceptions and see why you shouldn’t believe them. Strength training is for guys only […]

4 Reasons You’ve Hit Muscle-Building Plateau and How to Power Through It

To put it simply, having a muscle-building plateau means that your muscles have hit a wall and have stopped growing. When this happens, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your muscles can’t grow anymore. It simply means that there’s something you’re not doing right. Read on to see the different causes of plateaus and what you […]

Here’s Why You Should Try Boxing Today

To start off, boxing is an activity that can be taken by almost anyone! Doesn’t matter if you’re doing it as a hobby, for exercise, or if you want to become a professional boxer. There are also a lot of gyms around Singapore that offer boxing courses and training. Safety and fitness are only some […]

Things You Should Not Do in the Gym

So, you’ve finally decided to get a work out at ActiveSG (or in any gym for this matter) and you go there pretty confident that you’re going to get some good exercise. But just like in any other place, there is very much a thing called gym etiquette. And whether it’s an unspoken rule or […]

What Not to Wear In the Gym

When it comes to getting fit, motivation plays a significant role in the success. However, what you wear also matters. Baggy pants that catch on gears, unintentionally revealing tops, and wrong pair of trainers, can all sabotage your workout. Know what clothing to avoid the next time you go pumping iron. Cotton Shirts The very […]