Tourist Attractions in USS

For the hardcore sci-fi fans, this park offers them a separate zone to be at peace in their fantasy land –the Sci-Fi City. It is an imagined metropolis and houses rides like the Accelerator, and dueling roller skates, based on the hit television series Battlestar Gallactica. The dueling roller skates are the tallest in the world standing at a height of 140 feet. The Ancient Egypt zone is created to portray the look of the 1930’s Egypt, when the explorations of the Egyptian artifacts were at its height. It houses imitations of the Pyramids, the Sphinx and obelisks. Also there are depictions of the popular movie The Mummy which features Brandon Frasier and Rachel Weisz.

The theme zone of The Lost World is however not exclusive to Singapore and is a traditional attraction in many of the other Universal Studios parks worldwide. This zone is divided into two different worlds, the Jurassic Park which is based on the movie by the same name by Stephen Spielberg and Waterworld which mainly houses popular water rides and is based on Kevin Costner’s Waterworld. Far Far Away is built based on the hit Shrek franchise. This zone consists of several locations from the movie like the castle of the princess Fiona and the swamp that Shrek lived in. This zone has mainly live performance and 3D shows. Madagascar too is inspired by the animation franchise by the same name. This zone features tropical forests and a water boat ride and a carousal.

The entire tour of the park takes about five hours. With the completion of this theme park and other resorts that allows the provision for gambling, the government hopes to receive 17 million tourists per year by 2015.