How to Tell if You Are in an “Almost Relationship”

Almost relationship are just exactly how they sound – there’s no certainty about what you’re getting into, and the rules in your supposed relationship just keeps changing as you go. There is no word used to describe it, hence the term, “almost relationship.” What’s clear is you’re in a supposed relationship with a person who may or may become your partner in the future. It’s extremely confusing but worry not, as we’ve listed down some signs that you might be involved in an almost relationship.

Something important is missing even if you’re together

Sure, you admire the qualities that the person possess and you enjoy each other’s company, but at the end of the day, something still seems missing. For some, it may be the chemistry. Perhaps you are not that attracted to the person, or there’s a level of intimacy that you just can’t move into. You might even be telling yourself that you might become more attracted to the person if you just get to know him or her more, but it never happens.

You can’t seem to tolerate the person’s behaviour on a long-term basis

When your partner is on his or her best behaviour, you like him or her even more. If he or she becomes moody, however, you end up feeling frustrated and annoyed at the person. You do your best to support her in ways that you can, but you also constantly keep you guard up to protect yourself his or her nasty aside. This is when your relationship becomes too difficult to enjoy and maintain that you’d end up breaking up later on.

Your relationship already stopped growing

When your “almost relationship” is already prepared to turn into the real thing, you and your partner should start getting more serious with everything that you do. You should already be showcasing your growing feelings for each other. But if you’re still doing the same things over and over, and you’re not connecting on a much deeper level, then that just means that your relationship already reached its peak and will likely start deteriorating.

You can’t seem to talk about the important things in your life

One sign that you’re involved in an almost relationship is when you’re having a hard time speaking about things that are important to your relationship. Regardless of how much you bring up the subject, something just always comes up. Be it your own doubts about your situation or your partner’s knack for disappearing every time the subject comes up, the signs are obvious and there’s just nothing else you can do than leave the relationship.

While there’s a chance that an almost relationship can turn into a long-lasting one, it’s definitely a situation you wouldn’t want to be in. So instead of settling for something that’s barely even there, work your way to achieving an actual romance with your significant other.