What to Do With Your Life When You’re Feeling Lost

Sometimes, we find ourselves on crossroads, dead end or even a path that seems go nowhere. If we have life all figured out, then it would’ve been easier—but as what they say, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” If you are unhappy about the road you’re taking or unsure where to start, then it’s a call to re-assess. Look into the factors that hinder you from finding or realizing your goals and search ways to deal with them. As Sim Wei Ping, life coach at Executive Coach International quotes, “Anything in life is possible given enough time and the will to achieve it.” Here’s how:

Ask yourself

Pause. Breathe. Meditate. Spare some time for yourself. Ask yourself small and big questions that will lead you to get to know who you are. Grab a piece of paper and write down the things that you are interested in and things that you can imagine yourself doing if money, time and other perceived limitations were no object. Silence your mind and really get into the feeling and imagine yourself doing the things you desire.

Conquer distractions and procrastination

Time is running and you are not getting any younger. If you defer taking steps and time to pursue your dreams, you might catch yourself at the end of your life with nothing but a bunch of Facebook posts and series of TV shows you had to binge-watch. If you are serious about chasing your dream and changing your life—whether it’s becoming an entrepreneur, designing clothes, professional makeup artistry or being a rich and famous writer, you better start now and get your hands dirty. Take those steps, no matter how big or small. Close your Facebook and get to work. Truth be told, nothing will happen by just merely thinking how great you could possibly be.

Find comfort in discomfort

Life can get uncomfortable, sometimes we don’t have the money to kick start and do the things we truly want. If there is something you really would like to pursue, then you must be open and able to live with some discomfort be able to do that. For example, you want to move and study a course, you have to accept multiple jobs even the odd ones to save up money. No matter how uncomfortable the situation may be to get you where you want to be, one thing is for sure: Great things in life takes hard work.

Try your interests

One suggested way before taking the big leap is to try out, shadow or volunteer an occupation you’re interested in. For example, if you dream of being a teacher, shadow or volunteer as a reliever for someone and do their work. Get a hands-on experience of what you would like to do. With so many options in life, it’s inevitable that there is more than one thing we’d like to do or be, and immersing yourself to these (one at a time) will lead you to what you’ve been truly yearning for.

Sometimes, we think we want to do a particular thing and after we give it a shot, we figure out it’s not the kind of job we like doing. It’s imperative to get as much information before leaving all behind to pursue dreams.