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How to Live with Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic illness that is characterized by the immune system’s faulty messages that trigger accelerated skin cell growth within days. Instead of the normal number of days that it takes for new skin cells to form, people with psoriasis only need days for the process, but these excessive skin cells are not shed […]

How Do Broken Bones Heal?

The most common causes of broken bones or fractures are trauma from a fall or accident, osteoporosis or the weakening of the bones, and overuse of muscles and bones through repetitive motion. When you break your bones, the affected area is not just painful and difficult to move, but is also swollen and tender, bruised, […]

What is Alopecia Areata?

For most people, getting bald is a process not everyone wants to go through, but there are a few unfortunate individuals who suffer hair loss for most of their life. Who Can Get Alopecia Areata? Alopecia areata is not as rare as most people think. It’s an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss in most […]

Living with Hirsutism

Most women do not want to have thick hair on other parts of the body besides the scalp, but some unlucky individuals must live with a rare condition called hirsutism in which a lot of hair grow on places more common among men. Can Hirsutism Be Cured? If you have this condition, you will find […]

How Junk Food Affects the Brain  

  When we are watching movies, the ideal food is chips and fries. Somehow movies will not be the same if we eat real fruits like fruits and vegetables, right? No matter how tasty chips and fries are, we have to be aware that they belong to the other food bracket which does not serve […]

5 Natural Ways to Beat Bad Breath

Whether it’s a lingering bout with halitosis, or just a fleeting case of morning breath, we all get to experience bad breath sometimes. But for as easy as it is to get bad breath, getting rid of is a more complicated process. For some a professional cleaning might be needed to fully get rid of […]

Things to do to Save Your Eyesight

If your job entails staring at the computer screen the whole day, you have to be alarmed because it can cause dryness of the eyes. Your eyes will also get tired and irritated and worse, it can destroy your eyesight. You do not want that so as early as now, you have to avoid staring […]

Quick Itching Cures

Itching is embarrassing especially if there are many people around you. It is now the season of itches therefore it is important that you know how to cure it so it will not linger. Itches may come in different forms. It can be in the form of rashes, allergies or even bug bites. When you […]