Global Solutions for A Global Singapore

Secondly having an open mind about changing the country from different perspective which is-making use of people from different fields so as to come together as a country and make Singapore a better place. Thirdly Singapore is making an effort towards the growth of multiple opportunities for Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans. While Singapore is also fighting challenges in almost every field like environmental and urban issues et al, Singapore is ready for its failures as well as its success that would come by.

Singapore has taken this whole issue on retaining and attracting talent and the global war seriously. Singapore has made many initiatives towards this issue such as many recruitment missions, Permanent residency schemes, immigration policies, company grant schemes. Also efforts to make Singapore as a city for arts have been made. Another way of looking at Singapore’s plan for retaining talent are- through international students. Singapore’s trying to make itself an education hub so as to squeeze in as many international students as possible thereby increasing the economy of the country. Yet another way of looking to this is-turning to a foreign source abroad. Singaporeans are now looking at relationships from a different perspective because of the increasing pressure coming from work due to globalization; marriages have seemed to be going down the drain. Hence most Singaporeans prefer turning to sources abroad.

Singapore is truly working its way out of its economic crisis. Moreover focusing on global solutions as well as the encountering the country’s needs like that of education. Singapore really does set a very good example to other nations, doesn’t it?