Unconventional Ways to Improve Your Sleep


Are you having some trouble sleeping lately? Is your work starting to disrupt your sleep cycle? If so, then here are some unconventional ways on how you’ll be able to get some quality snooze each night and wake up feeling more energized and refreshed than before.


  1. Create an Evening Ritual: Creating an evening ritual is one way of getting better sleep quality. Perform the same activities each night to cue in your body that it’s time to wind down. If possible, stick to relaxing activities like reading a book, taking a bath or listening to a soothing music as they make the shift from wakefulness to drowsiness a lot easier.


  1. Use Aromatherapy: Another way to improve your sleep quality is to spray essential oils like lavender and jasmine on your pillow. Other essential oils known to help get better sleep is marjoram, sandalwood and roman chamomile. You can mix and match these oils to create a sleep perfume or a mixture that aids in relieving stress.


  1. Skip Afternoon Naps: Although it offers several benefits like boosting your productivity, health experts advise ditching afternoon naps if you’ve been experiencing sleep-related disorders like insomnia. If you really need to take a nap, do it earlier in the day but for a short duration only. Otherwise, skip it entirely.


  1. Wear Your Favourite Socks: Wearing socks is one way of giving yourself an uninterrupted sleep, especially if you’re used to making frequent trips to the bathroom at night. This trick works by keeping your feet warm, which dilates your blood vessels and tells your brain that it’s already time to sleep. A research also showed that the warmer your feet and hands are, the faster you’ll be able to fall asleep.


  1. Sleep Naked: Cooling down your body temperature is one trick that’ll help you get better sleep at night. So make sure that you take a cold shower before going to bed at night, and notice how you’ll fall asleep even before you start counting sheep. Other than improving sleep quality, sleeping naked also lowers blood pressure and aids in burning more calories. Now that’s an extra reason to ditch your pyjamas at night.

Getting a quality shut-eye isn’t as difficult as you think. Simply following any of these tricks is already enough for you to enjoy some good snooze every night and wake up feeling energized to face a new day ahead.