Why Hire a Professional Wedding Emcee?

A good wedding emcee is the key to a successful and memorable wedding. He’s more than just a funny guy with a microphone. A professional emcee has the ability to put together all the elements of the wedding to ensure everything runs smoothly as planned. The emcee helps keeping every segment in the program take place on time, move guests from one area to another (e.g. if having fireworks display and people need to move outside to witness it), and set the mood of the event.

Despite all of its important functions, however, some Singapore couples still choose to assign an inexperience friend or a family member to be their wedding emcee. Though it can work with informal wedding setup, this idea will never be good for a formal one. Here are some of the many reasons why you should consider hiring a professional emcee for your wedding reception.

1. Sensible and Concise Talking

Though an emcee’s task is as easy as casual talking, a professional wedding emcee aims to speak in a sensible and concise manner and certainly makes sure not to take the attention away from the couple. While doing so, emcees like corazon wedding emcee singapore are able to insert sensible jokes and lines that would entertain everyone in between segments so as to keep everybody’s attention focused.

2. Make Your Wedding Fun

With the countless number of events that a professional emcee has covered, he already mastered the formula to a fun and successful wedding reception. A well-experienced emcee doesn’t only make your wedding fun by telling jokes, but also by incorporating you and everyone in your wedding into fun and memorable moments.

3. Hold Your Guests from Leaving Early

Professional emcees in Singapore have the ability to provide the right kind of fun in every event they host. By hiring a professional wedding emcee, your guests would surely not want to miss a single moment in your wedding. These hosts have personalized game ideas that will involve you and your guests to the program. Varieties of methods are also used to suit all ages of guests, ensuring that nobody is out-casted.

4. Work With Other Vendors

A professional emcee coordinates with other wedding vendors, such as venue staff, photographers, and videographers, to ensure the entire reception program runs smoothly. For instance, the emcee will let the videographer know well in advance of what will happen so they can setup their equipment in a position where they can get a better shot of the following event. With this, having a professional emcee ensures a smooth-sailing reception and beautiful records of your wedding day.

5. Organizer and Entertainer

Without a wedding emcee, who will monitor the flow of the event and make every part of the program happen? Most probably, it’ll be the mother of the bride or one of the bridesmaids, who are not be fully aware of every bit of detail in the wedding reception. But if you hire a wedding emcee, expect to have a every part of the program happening in perfect time and order. Plus, the ability of the emcee to entertain and connect with your guests, like a real event entertainer, will surely keep everybody interested.