What Makes Singapore the Most Liveable City?

Singapore is once again hailed as the most liveable city in Asia and the world. This is according to the rankings made by ECA International. Hong Kong was also included in the ranking but it fell on the 33rd spot from last year’s 17th place. The second most liveable city is Adelaide (Australia) and the third is Sydney (also Australia).


What makes the city-nation the most liveable city in the world?

  • Good air quality: Despite the troubles the country is having with transboundary haze, it still maintained a good air quality. People are aware of the effects of unhealthy air so the government is doing its best to discourage air pollution.
  • Solid infrastructure: The country is proud of its top of the line infrastructure with its buildings, railroads and roads.
  • Medical facilities: Apart from solid infrastructure, the medical facilities here is cutting edge with treatments that transcends boundary.


  • Low crime rate: The country boasts of low crime rates which is a solid proof its success. Many people and companies feel safe here so businesses thrive.
  • Health risks: The country is promoting healthy lifestyle to its people. In fact, the government is providing subsidies to its people who want to live a healthy life through exercise.

There were about four hundred cities assessed. Of the four hundred, Singapore was chosen number 1 and that is a big accomplishment. The international world is finally seeing how liveable the city is. This will surely invite more businesses and more immigrants. If you live here, you should be proud because it is not easy to reach top ten let alone top one.