Quick Itching Cures

Itching is embarrassing especially if there are many people around you. It is now the season of itches therefore it is important that you know how to cure it so it will not linger. Itches may come in different forms. It can be in the form of rashes, allergies or even bug bites. When you feel the urge to scratch it, think that it may scar.


If you cannot hold it any longer, you can easily go to the nearest supermarket and look for instant remedies. If you want you can consult your doctor first. There are many dermatologists that you can consult here in Singapore. If you think that consulting doctors for simple itching will break your bank, you should prepare home-remedies. Home-remedies are as effective as medication drugs. Here are some cheap and easy relief when itching:

  • Non-iodized kosher salt for allergies: If your allergies are bugging you (and your seatmate), you have to immediately make a saline nasal wash. The nasal wash can effectively reduce your allergy symptom (of sneezing) by fifty per cent. You only need to make the solution. The first thing that you should do is pour eight ounces of boiled water to your one fourth teaspoon non-iodized kosher salt. Do not forget to add one eight teaspoon of baking soda. Put the mixture into the neti pot and gently insert it unto your nostril and let it flow.
  • Baking soda: Baking soda is not only a cleaning agent but it can also be used for battle itching and odour. If you are itching, you can simply pour baking soda unto the affected surface. Make sure that you dust it generously. If you are dealing with odour or stink, you should generously put baking soda to your feet and underarms.


  • Oatmeal: You can alternatively use oatmeal when you are suffering itch. Oatmeal has the power to block the compounds that can cause itchiness. You need two cups of oatmeal (uncooked) and ¼ cup of baking soda. The uncooked oatmeal should be converted into powder. You can do this by putting it in a blender then add the baking soda. After mixing it, you should store it in a container so you can use it in the future.
  • Virgin coconut oil: Virgin coconut oil is an excellent treatment for people who are enduring eczema. It is difficult to control eczema flare-ups but you can enlist the help of virgin coconut oil to relieve it. The oil contains acids that can kill bacteria. If you notice the itchiness, inflammation and redness of your skin, turn to virgin coconut oil.