6 Psychological Hacks to Make Interacting Easier

For some, communicating and dealing with people is quite challenging. Whether it is work-related or for pleasure, it’s important to know a few psychological hacks to make interactions run smoother. These tricks aren’t intended to be used as ways to manipulate people to work in your terms, but simply for improving your relationship with the people around you.

1. Remember names to easily make friends

If you want to make friends and be a more likeable person, make an effort to remember names people’s first names. A person instantly feels special when someone calls them by their first name.

2. Look into a person’s eyes when getting an unsure answer

Sometimes, we find answers unconvincing or non-understandable. Rather than repeating the question and still getting the same answer, look into the person’s eyes for a little while after hearing his answer. It will make them feel cornered, and will force them to explain further their answer.

3. Scribble your thoughts when feeling anxious or stressed

At some point, we feel mentally anxious and stress. To ease your thoughts, write down what makes you anxious in a notebook or journal. You’ll be able to get back on track easily because it feels like you’ve shared your worries with someone else.

4. Proper posture will boost your confidence

This may just be psychological, but it can significantly improve your personal life and even your career. You’re asking how to feel and look more confident? Start with your posture. If you let yourself take more space, you’ll likely feel more confident.

5. Sit closer to the aggressor when you know you’ll be attacked

If you are headed towards a meeting and you know there’s a possibility of a heated discussion, or you expect to be negatively criticized, make it a point to sit next to the aggressor. While this may make you feel awkward and uncomfortable, you are not the only one feeling such way. Close proximity will naturally make a person feel uncomfortable, which lessens the level of aggressiveness they plan to do.

6. Make people feel like they’re badly needed when asking for help

When asking for help, start off by saying, ‘I need your help…’ It makes the person feel you really need his or her help. Human as we are, we like feeling needed and hate feeling guilty. By sounding like you seriously need help, you’ll likely receive the help you need.

These are just little things you can do to make interacting easier. Although we often link ‘hacks’ with things we do to make day-to-day activities easier, there is no reason we can’t apply the same concept to our mental well-being.

5 Ways to Brighten Your Dull Skin

When confronted with dry and dull skin, conventional wisdom recommends scrubbing yourself shiny. However, abrading your face only dries your skin further and irritates your already-sensitive follicles, leading to breakouts and dermatitis. Fortunately, there are some easy and simple tricks that you can do to get your skin’s youthful glow back with no exfoliation required.

1. Minimize Your Alcohol Intake

Although alcohol can be healthy for your body when taken in moderation, it can also dehydrate and dull your complexion. It also increases the blood flow on the skin’s surface, resulting to a flushed appearance that could become permanent over time. To keep this from happening, as well as to achieve healthy-looking skin, ensure that you keep your alcohol intake at a minimum.

2. Consume the Right Foods

While the idea that certain foods cause acne is considered untrue, the quality of the food that you eat does affect your skin’s health. For that reason, health experts recommend incorporating fatty acid-rich foods into your diet, such as flax seed, salmon and walnuts. Fatty acids aid in boosting cell and collagen production, which in turn slows down or counteracts the aging process of your skin.

3. Practise the Steam-and-Hydrate Technique

If you have a few minutes to spare, then consider performing the steam-and-hydrate technique. Simply soak a washcloth in a warm water and place it over your face for several minutes. When the cloth starts to cool, remove it and immediately apply your moisturizer to rehydrate your skin better.

4. Apply a Good Amount of Liquid Illuminator

The liquid illuminator that you only use as a highlighter is actually a product that you can use to fake glowing skin. Simply mix a dot of the product into your moisturizer to give your complexion that subtle pearlescent sheen that you’ve always wanted.

5. Get a Good Dose of Vitamin C

When applied topically, vitamin C can actually help in lightening the existing hyperpigmentation in your skin, while giving it that youthful glow. Opt for a BB cream or a foundation loaded with radiance boosting ingredients or a vitamin C-rich serum to give your skin the subtle glow and moisturizing benefits that it needs.

Having a clear, radiant skin is one of the best ways to boost one’s self-esteem. So make sure that you regain your skin’s youthful glow – along with your confidence – by putting the aforementioned tips to work.

Benefits of Using Sunscreen


Do you skip using sunscreen whenever you go out? Do you hate the sticky, greasy feeling it leaves on your skin?

Sunscreen is not just for those who want to achieve fair, even skin tone. It’s not only for sunbathing and avoiding bikini lines from showing up. It is vital that you take care of your skin whenever you go out. Even when you’re under a shade, there’s still a chance that harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays could damage your skin. It also prevents you from developing skin cancer, stop skin discolorations like dark or brown spots from appearing, and having wrinkled, sun-burnt skin.

Singapore is hot and humid most of the year. Given its location, it gets plenty of sunshine and the weather is consistent unless there are thunderstorms. If you live an active lifestyle and love to go outdoors, the brutal Singapore weather could do a lot of harm. Sunscreen lotions will help protect your skin whether you have a daily routine from home to work or school and back and especially when you’re always on the go. So how does a sunscreen lotion differ from an ordinary lotion?

Ordinary lotions are applied to the skin for various purposes. Not all lotions however protect your skin from sunlight. Sunscreen lotions and spray-ons usually have SPF or sun protection factor level. The number that comes after SPF that you read on the labels is the length of time the protection is working against the sun’s UV rays. SPF 20 therefore means that your skin is protected for 20 minutes. SPF can go as high as 100. SPF 15 and above are recommended for those with light to very fair skin when required to stay outdoors for a longer time. You don’t need to apply a lotion with higher SPF if you’re mostly indoors.

That greasy feeling it leaves on your skin will tell you that it’s working. If you don’t need to go to the beach, you only need to apply sunscreen lotions with lower SPF 20 values. The higher the SPF, the thicker the sunscreen formula. It’s the sunscreen additive that leaves that film on your skin.

There are different types of sunscreen lotions available in the market today for every skin type and need. Some lotions pack other benefits like moisturizers, skin lightening, water-proof additive, anti-inflammatory components, healing for damaged skin, anti-aging, non-comedogenic (this means it won’t clog your pores), and even water-proof.

Reasons to Try Street Food


Most countries across Southeast Asia have a selection of street food. When you visit any of the countries, it is almost a sin to not try one of these. But visitors often shy away from eating food don’t look properly prepared and cooked. Not only that, some of the displays look unfamiliar. Bugs hanged at a stall and some smelly fruits offered by a vendor seem frightening if you’re not the adventurous type.

Why try something that looks unsanitary and intimidating? Street food has so much more color and history than restaurant-cooked food. It is better than fast food because it’s affordable, available almost everywhere and are usually freshly cooked and hot when you order. You can even watch while your food is prepared! If you’re not up for a full meal yet, you can pick and choose among different varieties. Some hawkers sell snacks and drinks.

When you’re backpacking or just sightseeing, you do not need to spend a fortune to get a meal. It is also the best way to experience the local flavor. Some foreign visitors attest to having a better tasting meal at cramped and crowded makeshift diners than in restaurants.

The best part of it is that you get to help those tiny stalls and vendors. Most of the vendors who sell street food feed their family off their earnings. Not only will you promote local popular cuisine, but help the locals as well.

Make sure to pick where you eat. This is easy to do if you observe how the food is prepared. There is a tendency for some food to be exposed to dirt and smog. Don’t be afraid to look around with friends. Take note of the busy hours, some food are available at specific times. Find the best spots and ask the locals where to buy excellent street food.

Interacting with them will also acquaint you with the common food names. Make sure you also know the local terms for spicy, hot or cold, and vegetable and meat. The last is for those who are diet conscious. It also helps if you ask the vendor what ingredients are in the food if you’re allergic to or not allowed to consume specific foodstuffs.

Singapore, like its neighbors, has more than enough to offer for that adventurous palate. They’re scattered all over the country. Some of the best you should try are seafood like crabs, sambal stingray, and fish head curry. There are also a variety of stir-fried vegetables with rice, noodles and barbecue. One of the most recommended spots is the Hawkes Centres.

Words to Watch Out For When Buying Skin Care Products


Every time you apply skin care products, remember that the skin is not a barrier that protects you from those chemicals. The skin is a sponge. That means whatever you apply, whether it is safe or not, the skin will absorb and who knows what will happen overtime. According to a study made by United States’  Food and Drugs Administration, the average person uses ten different products on his/her body.

Knowing this and that the chemicals are absorbed by the skin, you have to be careful from now on of the things that you apply on your skin. You might think that the chemicals are in small doses and that cosmetic companies swore that it is safe but you do not know how it can affect your health overtime. It would be good if you become an informed consumer.

By this it means you have to know what to consider and what to reject. Yes your skin needs care but it doesn’t mean you have to overdo it. Simplify your regimen and limit it to only a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and sunscreen with high SPF. If that is not enough for you, some products will do but watch out for red flag words. What are these words? Check the label or ingredients and then watch out for these words:

  1. Formaldehyde: If you found out that the product you are using has formaldehyde, you have to dispose it or find another one. Formaldehyde is a preservative at the same time a disinfectant. It is classified as a possible carcinogen. It is usually infused in eye shadows and mascara.

  1. Ammonia: If you are into dyeing and bleaching, ammonia is an important ingredient or compound. It emits a pungent gas that can irritate the eyes as well as the respiratory tract.


  1. Mercury: You might not find this word on the label but it is otherwise known as “thimersoal”. Mercury is proven to damage the brain even at its lowest level. It can be found on your usual mascara, lightening cream and eye drops.


  1. Lead acetate: Lead acetate is banned in the European Union because it is known to be a neurotoxin which is toxic to the health. It can be found in cleaners and hair dyes.


  1. Dibutyl phthalate: Phthalate is used to avoid cracking. It is a common ingredient infused in mascara and nail polish. Studies prove that this chemical can cause birth defects. It can also be found in cleaning detergents, air fresheners and cleaning detergents.

The Different Types of Allergies


Sometimes allergies are annoying if not very uncomfortable. It has little to no effect in most cases but there are people who take it severely. It is important that you know what you are allergic to because it can determine how you live your life. Allergies are a result of your immune system hypersensitivity.

Many Singaporeans have suffered from different types of allergies. In fact some do not even know they have an allergy. It is important that you know what you are allergic from because it can interfere with your day to day activities or worse, it can lessen the quality of your life. Here are the different types of allergies:

Food allergy

The most common type of allergy is food. It is estimated to affect four to six percent of children’s population. In the case of adults, it affects four percent. This type is common to children but it can appear at any age. Of all food, the most common types that account for ninety percent of allergy include soy, wheat, eggs, milk, shellfish, fish and tree nuts.

Dust allergy

Dust allergy can be life threatening because it can make breathing difficult plus it can activate asthma symptom like shortness of breath, coughing and wheezing. The dust can also make you itchy. This allergy happens in other people’s home or worse – your own home. Triggers include cockroaches, pollen, dust mites and pet hairs.

Eye allergy

Eye allergy is not that common but it can happen to anyone who formed hypersensitivity to indoor and outdoor allergens and irritants like smoke and exhaust. Symptoms include itching, watery discharge, redness and burning of the eyes. Some ignore eye allergy because they are thinking it can be a nasal allergy.

Allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis affects many Singaporeans without them knowing. Symptoms include sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes and mouth. If you haven’t heard about it, perhaps hay fever is familiar to you. It can be two forms – seasonal and perennial.



Drug allergy

Perhaps drug allergy is one of the most serious kinds of allergy since you will form hypersensitivity from all drugs regardless of its form whether it is a pill, liquid and injectable. Symptoms include swelling, skin rashes and wheezing. Common triggers include penicillin, aspirin, anticonvulsants and more. The best way to diagnose this is to conduct a skin test or a drug triggers. Do not forget to mention any allergies to your doctor.

There are more allergies that you should know about. It is crucial that you know which allergies you have and always disclose it.

Benefits of Far Infrared Sauna Therapy  


Far Infrared Sauna therapy is gaining popularity in the market nowadays. Consumers find it relaxing and a little indulgent as well that it’s no longer surprising it’s also being brought at home for personal use. There are several far infrared sauna suppliers online but before you hop into the trend and get your own unit, do take time to study how this therapy works and if it’s worth investing for. Far infrared sauna makes use of far infrared rays during the therapy. These far infrared rays are known to have mind and body soothing and stimulating abilities. Its waves of energy get to penetrate the body, even reaching tissues, muscles and bones. It’s also a great way to detoxify. There are more benefits to the best infrared sauna to buy, and that’s what we’re exploring in this post.

Chances are you’re already aware about the good things that sweating does for your body that’s why you enjoy a sauna therapy. Sweating lets you flush out body toxins. This is also one reason why it feels great sweating after hitting a gym or running. However, there are instances when you do not get to go out. It may be because of the weather or your incredibly busy schedule. Nevertheless, you cannot forget about getting fit or healthy just because your schedule is loaded. You still need to sweat it out. This is where infrared sauna for home may be very beneficial for you.

By using infrared sauna at home, you get to sweat still and release body toxins you otherwise could not have done because you’re busy. One advantage of having your own unit at home is that you don’t have to schedule an appointment or wait for your turn to enjoy the therapy. You can hop aboard the sauna equipment and relax anytime of the day. You get to eliminate harmful toxins in the body at the time most convenient for you. You wouldn’t even have to rearrange your schedule for the day because you can indulge in your sauna without interrupting your normal routine flow for the day or for the week.

Sweating becomes a lot simpler and so is staying fit. It’s also not a secret that relaxation nowadays can ironically be stressful. Booking a trip may present hassles and it’s not always easy to take a day off to treat yourself to a sauna. As you look around for the best infrared sauna to buy, imagine how it feels being able to relax and get rid of the stress throughout your body while saving time for other important matters. It doesn’t get any better.

If you are experiencing body pain, you can also take comfort knowing that the far infrared sauna therapy can help make you feel better. You can even share the experience with a loved one especially if the unit you’re purchasing accommodates several persons at the same time. You are able to relax your muscles and your mind. If you’re after these benefits then it may be well worth it to finally have your own infrared sauna for home. Enjoy shopping!

Important Factors in Choosing an IT Support Staff


You’ve probably already heard several horror stories about hiring an IT support staff – from the team that does not respond to customer queries right away, overcharging their clients for poor services, and recurring issues they don’t seem to pay attention to. IT companies vary in size and expertise. You’d find tons of options online but finding that one IT support company that best suits your needs doesn’t have to be overwhelming. On this article, we’ll talk about few important factors to look into when comparing London IT companies so you can make an informed decision.

Reputation. Nothing speaks more genuinely than customer reviews. Any business IT support can claim that services they offer are top notch and that all their clients are happy to be working with them. However, you wouldn’t know if all these statements are true without going over customer reviews. Be sure to weigh in on the review. You can as well get in touch with a client and ask how it has been working with the IT company. If they recommend the team, then you can trust that you’re on the right track. One way you can get referrals is by talking straight to the company. If the IT Support team is confident they’d be able to share with you positive feedback, then chances are this wouldn’t be a problem for them.

Hardware and software. Do look into the hardware and software equipment that the company is using. You’d especially want to ask about the servers the IT support company is using because this can affect the job they will be able to deliver. Do look into the quality of tools they are using. It also is beneficial if the company uses the same tools your business is using. This means the support staff can be of further help to your daily operations as chances are they also encounter issues similar to yours and know just how to deal with them. You also wouldn’t find yourself having troubles explaining your situation because they’d be able to relate immediately.

User interface. It should be easy for you to navigate the system so you will not have troubles looking into data you need every once in a while. While you can contact the support staff in case you have questions, it also is more convenient and faster if you can do basic things yourself. You will be the one using the system most of the time so it also would be of huge help if you know how to operate or figure things out. The business IT support company should be able to provide you with assistance teaching you how the account is managed and go out of their way making sure you understand the basics before letting you go on your own.

These three factors are keys to identifying the best IT supports to work with so do not forget to consider them when comparing support teams. You should be able to get the most out of the contract you’re signing for your business and for your customers too.