Bad Habits that Weaken Your Immune System

The immune system is the body’s first line of defense against diseases, which is why those who are immuno-compromised are more susceptible to infections and illnesses than those who are healthy.

However, we are all guilty of a few practices that harm the immune system.

Eating Too Much
Eating regular meals is a must, however, some people tend to eat more servings than their bodies need. Not only will you weaken the body’s protection from infections, but you are also at risk for complications caused by excess weight. Eat only what you can burn and it will be easier to keep an ideal weight.

Lack of Sleep and Rest
A tired body will not be able to fight off diseases so easily, because not only do your hormones fluctuate, your body will also compensate by feeling hungry all the time. Regardless of your work hours, you should still make sure that you get at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Too Much Alcohol
Partying occasionally with friends is good for you, but not if you consume alcohol excessively. Studies have shown that alcohol destroys some of the antibodies as well as take you on a path to alcohol addiction. You’ll be more likely to suffer from diseases caused by alcoholism.

All Work and No Play
Your mental and emotional health also plays a role in your immune system. If you’re always stressed, then you’re more susceptible to diseases caused by elevated stress hormones, blood pressure, and heart rate.

Being Grumpy
Arguments with family members and co-workers will not just harm you emotionally, but your body will also have difficulty fighting diseases and recovering from illnesses.

Poor Hygiene
Even if some people claim you’ll get used to the dirt and germs in your home, you will still be prone to harmful organisms. Maybe it’s time to clean that mess under your bed or scrub the toilet to get rid of harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Too Much Sunlight
Sunlight is also good for you, but not if you’re exposed to the intense heat between 11 A.M. to 4 P.M. The harmful UV rays can lead to immune suppression.

Being Dehydrated
Substituting other beverages for water is bad for your health overall. Water is not only supposed to help your organs function properly, but it will also flush out toxins. Put down that soda next time you feel thirsty.

Too Much or Too Little Exercise
Regular exercise will boost your immune system and make you healthier overall, but too much exercise can also lead to stress and physical strain. They key is moderation; get enough exercise and rest equally.

The 4 Best Board Game Cafes in Singapore

Bring back those nostalgic old-school memories and bring your friends to one of the board game cafes here in the city. Whether it’s a heated game of Monopoly or a heart-stopping game of Jenga, these cafes have got you covered. Alongside good friends or your family members, reminisce memories and create new ones over board games, drinks, and good food. Here are some of the best board games cafés here in Singapore.

1. The Mind Café
The Mind café was over 200 games to choose from, and imbibes a casual, laid-back atmosphere. This place is a perfect space for friends and families to meet. With such a large collection, chances are you’ll find something that can keep you occupied for hours, from classic games of Clue to obscure games that only the geekiest of your friends can know about. Prices are payed per person and starts at $2 per person on Sunday to Thursday, and $2.50 on Fridays, Saturdays, and public holiday. This is also a great place to bring children, as kids below seven can play for free.

2. Settler’s Café
For those who like switching between games, Settler’s Café has got you covered. As the very first board game café in Singapore, Settler Café houses over 600 games in their inviting space. Play the classic board games of your childhood with a fun game of Taboo, or choose one of the more recent games like Exploding Kittens. Settler’s Café offers gaming session promos like their Big Gulp Gaming Session for $8.90 for three hours. You can also avail of their reduced weekday for Monday to Thursday from four to seven pm for only $7.90.

3. Coffeemin
Coffeemin is more than just a café. it aims to be a home away from home, filled with comfortable chairs and a casual atmosphere. Coffeemin even allows you to bring your own food, and charges you depend on how long you stay. An hour will only set you back for $6, and you can pay $30 to stay for the whole day. Coffeemin is also a great space to host private events for your next meeting or party.

4. Battle Bunker
Considered to be the largest game location in Singapore, Battle Bunker has two different sections; one section is where they sell all their merchandise, like popular board games, trading cards and action figures, while the other section is where you can spend your time playing from one of the many games they have on hand. Because of its large size, Battle Bunker also hosts a lot of competitive gaming events and large-scale tournaments, and even the occasional team-building event. However, if there isn’t a game occurring, the space is also perfect for casual gaming sessions between friends and family members.

4 Types of Biometric Door Access System

Upgrading your security system by including biometric door access and CCTV can deter crimes and allow you to monitor employees, clients, and customers. But how do the different biometric door access system work and what are their differences?

Biometric means the measurement of a physical aspect or behavior as a type of identification system different from conventional methods of using passwords and identification numbers. What makes the biometric door access system different from the card and pin access system is that authorized personnel will not lose or forget their identification number and smart cards. The system can also complement the building’s CCTV camera and intercom system.

Facial Recognition
Facial biometric can work with the building’s existing CCTV camera, whether it’s analog or an IP camera, and intercom system for better security. A facial biometric will be able to identify a person by comparing and analyzing patterns in the facial features. The office camera scans the face and identifies the 80 nodal points, which are then used to produce measurements of the cheekbones, eye sockets, nose, jawline, and others. This data is then stored and will alter be used to scan faces using a security camera. What makes this type of biometric door access system better than biometric thumbprint is that the person dies not need to be close to the scanner for identification. The IP CCTV can scan faces in a crowd within a few seconds and identify unauthorized personnel. This can be done even without the people knowing they are being monitored on an IP camera in a Singapore office.

Fingerprint Recognition
Fingerprint recognition or biometric thumbprint takes an image of the fingerprint by recording and measuring the loops, arches, and whorls. The biometric thumbprint works on the idea that there are no two similar fingerprints among people. By recording the ridge, correlation, and minutiae, the biometric door access system creates a data unique to a specific person which can be in the form of an ID card with intercom hardware. This means that every time the person needs to be identified, an image sensor scans the fingerprint and compares it with the records for verification. Chances of errors is very few and the authorized personnel will not have to worry about forgetting or losing the identification. It is also difficult for impostors to bypass this type of security in Singapore.

Voice Recognition
Another type of biometric door access system that is difficult to bypass is voice recognition. This technology scans the speech patterns by recording the frequency, cadence, inflection, and nasal tone. There are two types of voice recognition technology available for commercial and industrial buildings such as the text-dependent method and the fixed text method. A scanner records the voices, analyzes the patterns, and then stores the result in the database. Like the other methods, authentication requires stepping up to a scanner so that the database can compare the results.

Iris Recognition
If you need higher security for your office in Singapore, iris recognition might be the best biometric method for you. A scanner analyzes the different regions of the eyes, specifically the pupils which have patterns unique to individuals, just like fingerprints. An iris scanner, however, might be too expensive an option. An alternative is the retina recognition method which analyzes the vein patterns in the back of the eyes.

Types of Painting Services for Your Apartment

If you’re looking for the best painter to perform painting services for your apartment in Singapore, remember the different types of painting contractor services for specific condo painting jobs.

Here are some of the options at HBD painting service to keep in mind.

Interior House Painting
Most painting services for condo painting projects involve the preparation of the home interior for renovation or redecoration. This means that the painting contractor should first inspect the house before providing you with a breakdown of the pricing and the materials that will be used. The best painter in Singapore should help you move the furniture or find a contractor to do it, before any prep work can begin. Prep work usually involves the removal of curtains, outlet covers, and switch plates. The painting crew can then repair the drywall before sanding, taping, back filling. Next, the painting contractor might use priming if necessary or review other flaws for another drywall repair before the finishing coat can be applied. The cleanup should also be a part of the painting process so that the furniture and other items can be moved back in.

Exterior House Painting
The process for exterior painting is slightly different from the interior condo painting. First, the ideal colours specialist in Singapore must remove the debris, dirt, and oxidation on the walls and clean out the vegetation. Next, some of the old paint is removed until the solid edge is revealed. Then, caulking of the seams, joints, and cracks can begin before the painter masks and covers any surrounding vegetation or item that cannot be removed from the walls. Finally, the application of the paint is done through various means such as bankrolling and spraying.

How do you look for a painting contractor in Singapore? Here are some questions you need to ask when looking for a painting services company such as

• What types painting services do you offer?
• Do you have a list of these services and the prices? Will I pay for the materials, too?
• How do you screen your employees and do they have special training? Who is the best painter in the team?
• Will the job need only one of the best painter or a team of specialists? Are they full-time employees or subcontractors?
• What type of materials are used for the painting services?

• Will there be a person who will manage the project? Who will I contact if I have questions or concerns?
• Is there a safety training for your employees when using the materials and techniques?
• Do you have liability insurance in case my property is damaged?
• Do you have worker’s compensation in case there is an accident during the condo painting?
• Is there a warranty for the painting job? What does it cover and how long is the warranty?

Do not hesitate to ask for more details from employees at the HBD painting service, because they will be more than happy to assist you.

The Importance of Rekeying Your Home Door Locks

The door locks you have at home are essential part of your home’s security system. If you are unable to maintain and ensure the security of your locks provides, do not hope to keep unauthorized people from entering your home.

Property managers and security experts here in Singapore often advise to replace door locks regularly, especially when security has been breached or you once lost your keys. While you can take this route, you can also request your locksmith for the more convenient—and equally secured—option: rekeying.

What Is Rekeying?
Rekeying is the process of reconfiguring the mechanisms of existing locks in a home. While it can certainly be done on houses, it cannot guarantee to do the same on cars. Only your car manufacturer can reconfigure car locks to securely lock and unlock car door. For homes, rekeying is a more practical solution, since replacing all locks can be expensive and time-consuming due to the need to purchase and lock installation of new hardware.

How It Works?
Rekeying may sound complex, but really it’s a straightforward repair lock process. It is simply a form of repair lock that replaces the lock pins inside the cylinder and changes the configuration of the lock. Take note that once your lockmaster expert has rekeyed your locks, the old keys no longer works unlock door.

Advantages of Rekeying
Locksmith services will likely offer to rekey your door locks before considering the idea of totally replacing them, and there are many good reasons why, such as the following:

• It is cost-effective. Compared to total lock replacement, rekeying is much cheaper, since you won’t have to change old locks with new ones. While locks are inexpensive, it can get costly when dealing with a number of them, not to mention the cost associated with lock installation.
• It is faster. Since you don’t have to remove and replace locks, rekeying is faster to do than lock replacement.
• It is more secure. Rekeying allows you to limit the number of freshly cut keys produced by your 24 hour locksmith.
• It is more convenient. Believe it or not, you can carry just one key for all door locks of your home. You can ask your locksmith services provider in Singapore such as for this one. Having to carry just one key can make your daily routine much more convenient.

Methods to Rekey Your Locks
There are a few ways you can take to rekey your locks, which likely depends on factors like the number of locks, time and cost.

The easiest and safest method is to hire a professional 24 hour locksmith in Singapore. Certified locksmith services provider might be a little bit expensive, but you can guarantee secure results. You won’t have to worry that an intruder may easily unpick lock of your home. A professional locksmith can ensure that your new locks are unique and won’t be easily breached.

Another way is to DIY. But unless you have background in locksmithing, this is tricky to execute even if there are rekeying kits available in the market. You may be able to unpick lock of your closet or unlock car door with a hair pin, but it requires skills and proper training to reconfigure door locks.

5 Everyday Habits That Destroys Your Eyesight

Our vision is probably the most valuable sense we have. Without it, we wound not be able to do most of the things we do on a daily, like driving, reading, watching TV and more. However, it is also the sense that we usually forget needs extra TLC. A lot of our daily habits pose a threat to a healthy eyesight, but these five are the most common—and can be easily avoided.

1. Wearing Expired Eye Make-Up
Make-up products should be thrown away after a certain period of time, and eye make-up is one of those products that needs frequent replacement. Whether it is an eye shadow, eye liner or a tube of mascara, you need to replace it every after few months, regardless you have finished them or not. Most make-ups indicate at the back label how many months after opening a certain product should be replace, so make sure to follow.

2. Forgetting Your Sunglasses
Extensive exposure to UV rays can damage your retina and put you at serious risk for some major eye issues like cataracts. If you’re wearing contacts, choose a brand that also provides UV protection to add an extra layer of defense in addition to your sunglasses. So, take the little extra effort to grab your sunnies every time you head outside.

3. Spending Long Hours In Front of the Computer
This one may be unavoidable, especially if your work requires you to be in front of the computer eight hours a day. If you really can’t avoid it, know that there are ways to minimize the effects. Keep your screen at least 15 percent below eye level and reduce the screen’s brightness as much as possible.

4. Wearing Contacts In the Shower
Not just in the shower, but also in the pool and the beach, as any form of water contains bacteria that can get in contact with your lenses. In severe cases, you may even get acanthamoeba into your eye. Although rare, this microorganism, which thrives in the soil and fresh water, can cause serious eye infection that may lead to blindness or permanent damage to the eye.

5. Rubbing Your Eyes
You probably won’t go blind for rubbing your eyes, but if you are a regular rubber, know that it can cause jeopardize the health of your vision. Chronically rubbing or wiping your eyes will increase your chances of developing keratoconus—a condition when the cornea becomes pointy and thin causing a distorted vision. The best you can do? Just keep your hands off your eyes, and wash your eyes with water to flush out dust and irritants.

You only get to have a pair of eyes during your entire lifetime, so make sure to take extra care of it by avoiding these five everyday habits that are unhealthy for your eyesight.

7 Insects You Actually Want to Thrive In Your Garden

Bugs in the garden only cause more harm than good, right? Not so fast! Put down that insecticide you’re spray all around your garden. Some of those creepy crawly creatures are actually beneficial for healthy soil and plants. Here are seven helpful insects that you would want to keep in your garden and would probably wish to thrive.

1. Ground Beetles
These nocturnal insects prey on maggots, snails, slug eggs and cutworms by night. Some climb on trees to find tent caterpillars and armyworms. If you wish to attract enough ground beetles to keep pests at bay, plant perennials in key areas of your garden and plant white clover to cover the ground of your garden.

2. Praying Mantis
Praying mantis eats almost anything. This is beneficial because they will likely gobble up annoying bugs that only causes damage to your plants. However, make sure they do not over populate, as their indiscriminate palate also causes them to consume other beneficial insects and probably some of your plants, too.

3. Braconid Wasps
A female braconid wasp preys on insects like moths, caterpillars, aphids and beetle larvae, injecting them with her eggs. When the eggs hatch, the larvae will eat the host, consuming if from inside out and killing the host by the time the larvae are ready to transform into a wasp. To attract more of this insect, grow nectar-producing plants with small flowers, like wild carrot, yarrow, dill and parsley.

4. Lady Bugs
With their brilliant colored shells, who doesn’t love having lady bugs in their garden? Good looks is just one of the great qualities that this helpful insect posses. Most ladybugs voraciously prey on plant-damaging insects like aphids. Ladybugs lay their eggs in the colonies of aphids. Once the eggs hatch, the larvae begin to feed on these insects.

5. Rove Beetles
These insects with short and stubby wings are essential for keeping the soil of your garden healthy. Many of these species are decomposers of plant scraps and manure, while others are predators of pests like root maggots.

6. Dragonflies
Dragonflies, which are also called ‘darning needles, scoop up gnats, midges and mosquitoes, cramming themselves with prey as they move in zigzag pattern around ponds and marshes.

7. Bees
If you are growing fruits and vegetables, you want to have bees in your garden or orchard. Crops like pumpkins, melons, squashes, apples and other fruit-bearing trees are pollinate by bees if you don’t have enough bees around your garden, then you would have to pollinate by hand.

The best way you can do to attract these good bugs is to keep your gardening practices as natural as possible—mulching, not using chemicals on plants and diversifying your plants. Keep everything organic, and you’ll surely attract more good bugs to help you grow a healthy and wealthy garden.

The Most Badass Video Game Characters

A lot of the most iconic video games are popular not because of the touching story or the awesome gameplay. Usually one character that is able to draw the attention of the audience is enough.

Chun Li
Chun Li was the first playable female character in the Street Fighter series and might be the most popular in that franchise. Don’t let those cute ponytails fool you, she can deliver multiple kicks, called hyakuretsukyaku, to your character.

Kratos of God of War is a tragic anti-hero fooled by the gods into servitude and ended up killing his wife and his daughter because of Ares’ schemes. So what did he do? He went after the entire Pantheon because they wouldn’t let him forget that painful event.

Dante of Devil May Cry is one of the sons of Sparda and Eva and a brother of Vergil. He and his brother’s name might be familiar but the game has nothing to do with the Divine Comedy. Dante’s objective was simple, find and make the killers of his mother pay.

Lara Croft
Lara Croft could be considered an exceptional figures among all the female characters in video games. Her series Tomb Raider is considered one of the best games ever made and even had decent movie adaptations to boot. This beauty, brains and brawn is an archaeologist and adventurer.

Ezio Auditore
Ezio Auditore is the only playable character in the Assassin’s Creed series whose life story has been told from his birth until his death. He didn’t become a full-fledged assassin until the hanging of his father and his brothers.

Samus Aran
Samus Aran of Metroid was a former soldier who became a bounty hunter. If that’s not impressive, check out her powered exoskeleton and energy weapons which she handles with ease. Her appearance is a far cry from the bikini armor usually seen today in video game female characters.

Sonic the Hedgehog
This cute blue hedgehog has inspired various game titles since 1991 as well as animated shows and comics. His name should tell you that he can move at supersonic speeds when running.

Sephiroth is still the most recognizable character from the Final Fantasy series even among gamers who haven’t played FFVII. And who wouldn’t consider his 7-foot sword badass?

Link is the lead character of the Legend of Zelda series. This Peter Pan look-alike is skilled with the sword, magical musical instruments and is fast at finding his opponents’ weaknesses.

This protagonist of the series named after himself, Mario might look average to you with his plumber costume and round belly but he can defeat bad guys with his jumps and stomps.

Duke Nukem
Duke Nukem’s appearance alone should tell you how cool the guy is. He was just an ordinary TV viewer hired by the CIA to fight a crazed genius. But you might ask why he agreed in the first place. That’s because the scientist’s appearance interrupted some soap operas.