Must-See Offshore Islands in Singapore


You want a vacation that is near Singapore? You should know better. There are many islands scattered around Singapore which are rich in biodiversity and heritage. It is time that you consider these offshore islands before thinking of going to neighbouring countries and enjoying their coasts.


The good news is that there are many secluded places that you can enjoy here. There is no problem with accessing it because of tours and other research groups available. The bottom line is you do not need to be alone exploring secluded offshore islands. So, if you are looking for an easy and quick escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can just spend your weekend marvelling over small sanctuaries and havens.

Here are offshore islands that you must see and experience:

St. John’s Island: For nature lovers out there, St. John’s Island has plenty of things to offer you. The island boasts of 2 natural rocky shores framed by caves, cliffs and other landforms. It doesn’t end there because you will also see variety of plants and animals. If you want this, you should join guided tours. There is a tour conducted by the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum or The Tropical Marine Science Institute.

Chek Jawa: There is a hidden jem in the border of Pulau Ubin. Chek Jawa is comprised of wetlands that give home to many ecosystems from mangrove, seagrass, sandbars, shore and forest. The best thing here is the boardwalk along the coastline. If you follow it, you will be led straight to a viewing tower. The tower will provide stunning panoramic view of the island. There is a tour conducted by Ulu and Naked Hermit Crabds.


Pulau Semakau: Many people do not consider this island because it is known to be a landfill. People believe that it is dirty and smelly. That is not true. In fact, Pulau Semakau Landfill is clean because it is far from the landfill operations. The island boasts of unscathed ecosystems from the forest to the seabed. There is a tour conducted by National Environmental Agency and Sport Fishing Association.

Sister’s Islands: If you want to marvel over marine life or if you want to closely study it, you should head to Sister’s Islands. Sister’s Island is comprised of two islands – Big Sister’s and Small Sister’s. The island is home to more than two hundred species of corals, one hundred species of fishes and two hundred species of sponges. You will see giant clams, shrimps, starfish and many more.