Must-See Filming Locations  


We all dream of personally meeting our idols whether local or international. The experience will be mind-blowing. However, it would be better if we go to the location where it was filmed, right? The experience is different. For some unknown reason, seeing the filming locations of our favourite movie adds magic and connection to the movie.


Why not start with this year’s Oscar nominations? Sure we want to watch the movies and see what makes it so special but it will give us a different feeling if we travel to where it was filmed. Traveling will surely be great in the presence of friends, loved ones and family. So, here are some filming locations that you should see before the year ends:

Mad Max

The filming of Mad Max took place in the deserts of Namibia. If you plan to drive along the deserts, make sure that you fill up on gas since there will be no gas stations there. To be exact, Mad Max was filmed in Namib-Naukluft National Park – a stretch of rocky canyons and deserts. To make things easier for you, you can always hire a guide when wandering the Namibia Tracks and Trails.


Brooklyn is not just another love story. It talks about a lot of things but mostly the experiences and trials of a young girl named Eilis. Eilis moved from Ireland to Brooklyn. The film actually featured Coney Island. If you want more, you can always ride the Ferris wheel. If that is not enough, you can head to Ireland specifically in the city of Enniscorthy. Don’t worry, the Court Street, John Street and Lower Church Street actually exists. Since you are there, why not visit the St. Aidan’s Cathedral where the wedding took place.


The Martian

The good news is that you do not need to leave the planet just to see the site where The Martian was filmed because it is just here. The movie was all about the survival of the astronaut (Matt Damon). It shows his struggle on Mars. Truth is it is only filmed in Wadi Rum, Jordan. Wadi Rum is actually a UNESCO World Heritage site famous for its barren landscape as well as red dirt.

The Revenant

If you are crazy about Leonardo DiCaprio, now is the time to visit The Revenant’s film location. For those who have seen it and wondered where the encounter (Leonardo vs Bear) happened, head to Canada’s Upper Squamish Valley in Canada. The bear scene was filmed at Shovehouse Creek. Aside from The Revenant, many films were shoot there especially camping scenes.

One site is enough but if you are so amazed that you want to visit all, there is nothing wrong with that. Going outside Singapore is a fulfilling experience and marvelling over our favourite movie’s filming location will make it extra extraordinary. If traveling to these places is not possible this year, we can always look forward next year.

There will always be cheap accommodation and airfare for the whole family or group of friends. Have a good time and enjoy the sights!