How to Spice Up Your Cup of Tea

Green tea combines the best of both worlds – it’s good for your health and it tastes great. But even the healthiest and tastiest of beverages can get a little boring when consumed regularly. To keep that from happening, here are some ingredients that you can use to spruce up your cup of tea.

1. Ginger
Ginger offers a calming effect on the digestive system. If you have an upset or sour stomach, simply adding some fresh ginger will help in settling it. Moreover, it’ll also add a slightly spicy and fresh flavour to your usual cup of green tea.

2. Agave
Agave is an excellent alternative to sugar. It’s very sweet though – in fact, it’s sweeter than sugar – so be careful to not put too much on your drink.

3. Bourbon
Although we wouldn’t recommend adding it to your morning tea, it can be a great addition to your night-time adult tea. Apart from giving your cup of tea its much needed kick, bourbon can also work as a good cough suppressant when you’ll feel congested in the upcoming months.

4. Cinnamon
Thinking of heating up your tea even more? If so, then add some cinnamon to your favourite drink. It’ll turn the drink’s bitter taste into a palatable, spicy taste that will certainly help in getting your blood flowing.

5. Honey
Honey is one of the classic tea additive. Its sweetness transforms its bitter taste into something tasty – and it’s also perfect for soothing your itchy throat.

6. Lemon
Lemon is loaded with flavour. All you’ve got to do is squeeze a bit of lemon juice on your tea to freshen up its flavour with some major citrus spikes. Plus, it also has vitamin C for that extra burst you need every morning.

7. Milk
Black tea without any milk is just unfathomable to me. A bit of milk will make any tea silkier, smoother, tastier and much more enjoyable.

8. Peppermint
Into simple yet strong flavours? Then get your hands on some peppermint leaves, squeeze them using your fingers to release its fresh scent, and drop them in your mug to enjoy a mug of steaming green tea.

Spicing up your cup of tea isn’t as difficult as you think. Simply adding any of the aforementioned ingredients to your drink will already help in making your tea much healthier and tastier.