How to Live Frugally in Singapore

Singapore is known to be one of the most expensive cities where you can live in. A modest living space can cost you a lot of money, education can be quite expensive, and food can subtract a large amount from your monthly budget.


The good news is: it’s entirely possible to live frugally when living in Singapore. Here are some useful tips you can apply to your lifestyle in order to save money when living in the island city.


If you like to eat out in Singapore with family and friends, it may be a good time to start cooking food and enjoying it at home. Dining out can be quite expensive especially in a place like Singapore where posh gourmet restaurants abound. Nonetheless, if you are not too confident in your cooking skills, you can still dine out. There are a lot of hawker food centers scattered in Singapore when you can enjoy delicious and wallet-friendly food choices.



Looking for a modest living space in Singapore is difficult because some housing establishments can charge very expensively. If you’re newly relocated in Singapore, your best bet is renting a living space. Renting an apartment or a house can cost you about SG$2000 to about SG$10000 monthly. To save more, try renting out public housing complexes and apartments in the suburbs.


Owning a car is not a frugal move when living in Singapore. Cars are very pricey, not to mention other expenses that go with owning a car like fuel, taxes and tolls. You can make use of other means of transportation in Singapore like trains, taxis and buses.