Going out? Try these Beauty Makeovers  


We have to strive to strike a balance between our work and personal lives. It is not purely work here in Singapore because if it is, where is the fun?  We do not want to be stuck in our house and feel sorry about ourselves so we need to allot time for extracurricular activities like going on a party, be with friends or be with someone on a date. Whatever we choose, we need to look our best.


There is nothing wrong if we make ourselves look good whenever we decide to go out. Why not start with our eyes? For romantic and mysterious eyes, we need to consider the shade. We have to try purple. Before applying color, we need to prepare our lids using eye shadow. The first thing that we should do is pat a matte purple, lilac or lavender eye shadow covering the lids and blend it well. It does not end there, we can apply eye shadow along the lower lash line for a soft and dramatic style.

If we want more, we can dab a translucent shimmer on the inner corner of the eyes and highlighter on the brow bone to give a subtle lift. Now, we have to consider the outer corner of the eyes. We have to use darker shades of violet on the outer corner which will start from the upper lash line to the crease. We have to remember to blend it thoroughly. It is not yet finished because we need to apply eyeliner pencil and draw over the lower lash line.


After the eyes, the hair will follow. This particular makeup style is best for modern beehive and messy waves. Modern beehive was famous in the 60’s but we can still rock it. We only need to swing our hair into a big bun on top of the head. We can set it using bobby pins. If we do not prefer this hairstyle, we can also consider messy waves. Messy waves have this line between naughty and nice. We can achieve this style by sporting loose curls but keeping the ends untouched. To finish the look, we can run our fingers down the strands thereby creating a messy look.

Now that we achieved the polished look that we want, it is time that we look for a dress or outfit that goes with it. Looking for the right dress that goes with our look is not easy but it is possibly. Since we are taking on a romantic and mysterious look, chose feminine, edgy mixed prints, A-line skirts and roomy jumpsuits. If we consider cocktail dresses, we gave to consider sequined ones made if different fabrics like fur, velvet, lace and silk. These fabrics will look more opulent with our soft purple lids.